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Making chips in Cookery Club!


This week in Cookery club we made some chips. The children enjoyed peeling the potatoes and cutting them into chip size. They all had a go at using the knives independently. We even snuck into the staffroom to put them in the oven. Unfortunately, the oven had been turned off and sadly this prevented us from taking the chips home. However, now we know how to make them, we'll give them a go another day!

We also had a bit of ‘science’ looking at the bread experiment that we did on our first day. We touched two slices of bread, one with dirty hands and the other one with clean hands. We left them in a safe place and kept checking them on a regular basis. To our surprise, the one that we had touched with our dirty hands had gone all mouldy, whereas the other one was ok. We all discussed why this had happened and saw the importance of washing our hands before touching any food and eating.