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Transport through the ages!


The topic in Reception and Nursery this term is ‘Transport’. The children had an exciting experience today when they were welcomed with two cars on the school playground – one old, the other new.

An automobile enthusiast – Andy, brought in a Ford Model T to show the children, whilst the other car brought in by Miss Callaghan was of a modern design, a Mazda MX-5. The children had the opportunity to ask questions to the owners, draw the cars and discuss the differences between them.

“How fast does the car go?” – Evie-Mai questioned from Blue class.

 “Who bought it for you?” - Enquired Tommy from Nursery.

“How does the car start?” – Lila asked from Blue class.


“Why is the car so big?” - Brooke from Green class asked Andy.

 “How old is it?” - Louie asked from Red class.


Thank you to Andy and the Moreton-Clack family for helping to arrange this learning experience for the Early Years children.