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Reception Trip to Port Lympne Reserve


Reception - Thursday 17th May 2018

Three Reception classes (consisting of 90 4yr and 5yr olds) travelled to Port Lympne Zoo by coaches on a very warm and sunny day. Once arriving safely, we all descended on the animal reserve and very quickly located the toilets!

(Yunam, Reception Red Class – Age 5)

Groups of children, accompanied by adults, climbed onto several safari jeeps and were given a wonderful tour around the reserve. While on safari we came across rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra, deer and wildebeest. One giraffe walked right past the jeeps, so close that you could almost touch it!


Once the safari came to an end we walked a short distance to a children’s play area where we relaxed in the sunshine enjoying our healthy packed lunches (provided by Pabulum). Feeling replenished, children had obstacle equipment to climb, sandpits to investigate - becoming palaeontologists, as they dug for dinosaur fossils.



Whilst walking around the reserve we discovered a dinosaur forest; there were many amazing facts and information about the prehistoric world.  We had a thrilling adventure into the forest that time forgot!



Port Lympne houses many rare and endangered species and the largest breeding herd of black rhinoceros in the UK. As well as Siberian tigers, there are small cats, monkeys, Malayan tapirs, Barbary lions, African hunting dogs and many more.


After a very long walk exploring the safari park we finally found the gift shop - the children had been eager to visit to purchase their souvenirs. We used all our learning to exchange our money for our gifts and then boarded the coaches. The children (and adults) were exhausted and some enjoyed a sleep on the coach journey home.

The day was an overarching success; all pupils were so well behaved. Staff from the zoo commented on how polite and wonderful the children were. The gift shop staff were impressed by their use and knowledge of money at such a young age.


We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the parents/carers who accompanied us on our outing. Without you this trip would not have been possible. Thank you to ‘Cheeky George Productions’ for all the fabulous photos taken on behalf of South Borough Primary School.

Mrs Hunt (EYFS Lead Teacher)