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The School of Wizards and Witches


On Wednesday 11th July, StarBurst Drama Club visited 'The School of Wizards and Witches' in Rye. The children dressed as wizards and witches and were transported back in time to 18th Century England.

Their guide and story master, Professor Wolf, took the children through a portal to the Wizard’s tower. StarBurst’s quest was to rescue Ashley the Elf’s brother who was imprisoned by the Scarlet sorcerer.  Using spells, potions and team work, the children had to defeat various scary characters. The children were immersed into the make believe story with shrills of delight and moments of tension. They supported each other in defeating the evil sorcerer.


Oscar said, “The three actors were amazing. They had so many quick changes.”

Keira Rose said, “It was scary but fun.”

Deanna (Mrs Samways daughter and helper) said, “It was fantastic to see children of different ages working together as a team.”

All the children in StarBurst Drama Club said they would recommend the school of Wizards and Witches to their family and friends. If you are interested in visiting this interactive performance please click on this link: