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Filmmakers club


On Monday 23rd July our young filmmakers will be sharing what they have learnt in Filmmakers’ club, as well as presenting the short films they have made. The children have had workshops on different film techniques, camera angles, shots and movement. The children have learnt the names of various equipment and how to use them, such as the dolly, dead cat and shoulder rig. They have also been on the other side of the camera, acting.

Filmmakers short films:

  • Short thriller
  • News report
  • Animation
  • Music video

Filmmakers 1.jpg
Filming the music video.

Filmmakers 2.jpg
Mr Blanco going through his lines as Agent Smith in the News Report.

Filmmakers 3.jpg
The CSI’s in the News Report​.

Filmmakers 4.jpg
In the studio - The News Report.

Some of these short films will be available to view online from Monday by visiting the Filmmakers club website.