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Mrs Langridge’s Love Art Tip Fix - Relief Sculpture


The children enjoy a full and varied art experience here at South Borough, so we thought it would be lovely to share a few tips to continue their learning at home!

Today’s ‘Love Art Tip Fix’ is relief sculpture, taken from the Latin word ‘Relevo’, which means to raise. Traditional relief sculptures give the impression of a surface raised from the background. Modern relief sculptures concentrate on layering a material to achieve this raised look.

Corrugated cardboard is an amazing material and brilliant for all types of sculpture.

Year 3 made outstanding lion relief sculptures using this media, and painted them with acrylic paint.

Take a look at the photos for a visual guide should you wish to try this at home.

Art Tip Fix 7.jpg

Art Tip Fix 6.jpg

Art Tip Fix 5.jpg

Art Tip Fix 4.jpg

Art Tip Fix 3.jpg

Art Tip Fix 2.jpg

Art Tip Fix 1.jpg