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Yr 3 Trip to Dover Museum!


On Wednesday 29th March, Year 3 boarded a coach and headed off to the Dover Museum to find out about life in the Bronze Age. We started the day by making clay Bronze Age boats, based on the boat, which is housed at the museum. We also made clay goods for trading to go inside our boats. It was very messy! Then we had a talk from one of the curators, who showed us lots of Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts. She passed them around and let us hold and look at them.

We finished the day by going to look at the huge and impressive Bronze Age boat that was discovered underground in Dover twenty five years ago. Not all of it is in the museum as it is still buried under a Victorian house and couldn’t be excavated.

We had a great day and can’t wait to take our boats home (but we need to wait for the clay to dry first!)