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The Highway Rat and chocolate éclairs!


Last week in Year R we learnt all about sharing, which linked in perfectly with our book of the week, The Highway Rat.

In the story the Highway Rat says: “Give me your buns and your biscuits! Give me your chocolate éclairs!  For I am the Rat of the Highway, The Highway – The Highway – Yes, I am the Rat of the Highway, and the Rat Thief never shares.”

We discussed about kindness and sharing equally. The children decided with only 15 éclairs, it was not fair that the 15 other children did not have an éclair and after some discussions the best solution was to cut the eclairs in half, so everyone had an equal share.

Mmmmm chocolate éclairs!

Excited to share the éclair!

Cutting the éclair equally in half.

Enjoying the éclair!