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Decorating the stolen biscuits!


Green and Red classes have been reading the story of ‘The Highway Rat’. The Highway Rat is not very nice and takes all of the travellers’ food!

Luckily for us, Mrs Hunt rescued the biscuits back from the Highway Rat, so we decided to decorate our own biscuits! The children talked about what they needed to do first; washing hands. We had six packets of biscuits to share between two classes equally. Anegan worked out that we needed three packets per class each. Once the biscuits were shared we then used a spoon to spread the icing onto the biscuits.

Next, we decided what toppings to have on our biscuits. There were a variety of sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate balls.

Once we finished decorating the biscuits, we asked the children if they could break their biscuits in half. The children were able to tell us how many halves they had altogether.

Finally, we were able to eat the biscuits, or take them home to share with our family and friends. Parents/ carers; if you did not receive a biscuit, I think you know who enjoyed it!