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Induction Talk for new Reception Classes


On Tuesday 20th June parents and carers of our new Reception classes, starting September 2017, were invited into the school to find out about: the class teachers, the Early Years gate, attendance, stay and play dates, Mathletics and Bug club, house colours, school uniform details, important dates/times, pupil premium information, SchoolMoney, breakfast/aftercare clubs, free school milk and dinners.

Download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Pictured above: Miss Walker - Green Class, Mrs Hunt - EYFS Lead & Red Class, Mr Blanco - Blue Class.

Pictured above: Mrs Olivier - Executive Headteacher & Mrs Hunt - EYFS Lead & Red Class.

Pictured above: Mrs Costello-Mannering - FOSB Admin.

Pictured above: South Borough Primary School's Language Ambassadors who helped escort parents/carers around the Early Years and translated if required.