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Term 4 – After School Clubs


There are NO after school clubs this week except for Drama, Filmmakers and After Care.

Clubs will start the second week of term - week commencing: 4th March 2019.

If your child had a place in Drama Club, Mathletics, Mindfulness or KS1 Art in Term 3, their turn has finished and other children from the waiting lists will have their turn in Term 4. Parents will receive a text to let them know their child has a place in these clubs for Term 4.

All other clubs i.e. KS1 and KS2 Football, KS2 Art, Netball, Filmmakers, StarBurst, Board Games, Homework, Cross County and Multiskills will continue with the same children as in Term 3.

All children will have the opportunity to apply for clubs again in Term 5.

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