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Beegu crash lands at South Borough!


Year 1 have been learning about Space this term. In Reading and English, the core text we have all been focusing upon is the book called ‘Beegu’. 

Beegu (a three-eyed yellow alien) is not supposed to be on Earth. She is lost. She is a friendly little creature, but the ‘Earth People’ don't seem very welcoming at all. She sets off to find her Mother. When her parents come at last to rescue her, she tells them of her adventures...



On Tuesday, Beegu returned to Earth, but this time she crash landed at South Borough Primary School in our Year 1 outdoor learning area! Children saw up-turned tables and chairs, on the ground lay a red hula-hoop (Beegu was given this by the small ones the last time she visited Earth) and in the corner was a crumpled shiny silver spaceship. Children were really excited and their enthusiasm for writing a newspaper headline began:

Rayyan (Red Class) for his headline wrote, “Yellow thing has come!” 

"I think Beegu has come back to visit us!" said Symant (Blue Class).

Max (Green Class) for his headline wrote, “Beegu is on the loose!" 

On Wednesday, the News Reporter - Miss Louise Munchetty - came to school and reported the thrilling news live on air on her news channel SBBC (kindly filmed by Cheeky George). Year 1 watched the unfolding story in class, where they observed Beegu in the distance looking for her Mummy. This news report sparked off children's imagination to begin writing an introduction for their very own newspaper article. Children have enjoyed creating names for their newspaper, writing the story in chronological order, while using time adverbials and adjectives. Watch out for more news on the hunt for Beegu!

The video can be viewed here.

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