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School Ethos

To develop, stimulate and inspire children to become confident, determined and independent learners by providing a professional, supportive environment with high expectations that provides opportunities for a learning ladder for life.

Effective teaching is essential for children to experience success. Children’s learning requires the use of a range of teaching styles and strategies. Teachers use a combination of whole class, group and individual teaching and are aware that children learn best in different ways. Some children learn best by engaging in practical activities, others by seeing and others by listening. Consequently, there is an emphasis on children engaging in practical activities and the use of visual and listening cues whenever possible. 

To enhance the delivery of the curriculum, pupils go on educational visits to places of interest and visitors come into the school to share their expertise with pupils.

In every class, children range in ability and individual children may find aspects of learning difficult. The school has an Inclusion Manager, who works with staff and parents to advise on the support needed for individuals. Teaching assistants are employed in every class and assist the teaching by working with individual pupils, and groups, to maximise their learning. 

Our Inclusion Manager ensures that pupils have opportunities to develop their strengths. Our most able pupils are provided with specialist activities and project work to challenge them and extend their knowledge and skills. Science days and advanced writing sessions with authors have proved very successful.

Our school employs higher level teaching assistants to provide pupils with additional support to boost their learning, self-esteem and confidence. They assist in the preparation of pupils for secondary school transfer, provide pupils with homework support and enable them to organise events, such as charity fund-raising initiatives.

We aim to build on our achievements and good practice so that your child can continue to benefit from the opportunities available. Our School Improvement Plan, provides a programme of priorities for school development and review and ensures that South Borough provides a high quality education for all pupils, not only in the short-term but also in the medium to long-term. 

The school wishes to take into consideration the views of parents and children in planning the school’s development and regularly surveys opinion. Our School Council, made up of elected pupil representatives, plays a key role in putting the children’s ideas forward for developing the school. The children have participated in choosing new classroom furniture and playground equipment which best meets their needs and interests. Parents have reviewed the school uniform and have worked with the Headteacher to plan events to enable parents to better support their children with their learning at home.