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Week 2 - w/c 30th March 2020

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Week 2 Home Learning - w/c 30th March 2020

Henry (Reception Green) has been making a train out of shapes, making shapes in the garden, doing Mathletics, PE exercises and reading.



Lukas has learnt to do washing, make a hot drink safely, and bake cookies.


Lukas has also read his puppy a story, had fun on the trampoline and enjoyed painting!



Armela S:



Georgiana S (Yr 1):



Emma K:




Malachi (Yr2) and Cassie (YrR) have made a rainbow to thank all the key workers.


Exploring insects & gardening time! - Marília Yr1H & Mónica Reception Red Class.



Keida 3S:





Olivia has been working on her column methods and her family tree. Amy has been working very hard on reading digital and analogue times.




Maja has had lots of fun during home learning. We made 2 instruments inspired by a rainbow - a drum using a candy box, and wind chimes made from a paper towel roll and painted shells.



“Maja loves to play hopscotch on the playground at school, so we made it in our hallway.”




Some work Jack (Yr 1Hu) has done at home. “We are riding it out, each day as it comes.”




Teo (2S) writing a shopping list for Mummy and Eli (Reception Red) using story cubes to create his own story!



Abdul A wrote about his pet:


Art work by Rubens - NHS rainbow and Mayan temple:



Max in Yr2 S Home Learning:

Max Yr2 S - Partly Cloudy Conversation Home Learning


Alan (Yr 4F) and Kaya (Yr 1H) doing their homework. They do Mathletics in their quiet place.


Kaya reads a book with a dog but misses her friends - she reminds them to stay safe.



Henry (Reception Green) has been working on number bonds, reading, doing PE exercises, Mathletics, crafts and outdoor activities.





Finley has completed his name in fractions and really enjoyed doing it!


Lego construction with extra Vitamin D in the garden - Marília (Year 1H) & Mónica (Reception Red) class.



Bella (Year 1H) Busy bee - making a guitar.


Saanvika (Year 2S):


Armela S:


Oliver (1Hu) made his own Elmer the Elephant out of recyclable materials.


Lillie-Anne (Nursery):


Archie and Oscar making projects and rainbows!


Ruby-May, Joey and Teddy enjoying some art.


Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) with their abstract faces!



Tommy (Year 1) working from home doing his online maths.


Henry (Reception Green) enjoying home schooling - we did lots of activities, crafts and PE exercises.




Reading time (45 minutes) - Marília Year 1H & Mónica Reception Red Class.



Amy & Olivia - Fractions and book review happening this morning. Can you tell we have Daddy home this morning?!



Muireann (Yr R Green class) is having fun learning her maths and numbers as well as doing her Joe Wicks challenge.




Muireann (Yr R Green class) exploring on her walks in the park.


Pom Pom Rainbow - Marília (Year 1) and Mónica (Reception).



Bella (Year 1H) made her room very bright and colourful, "After the storm comes the rainbow."



Seb is loving Mathletics and using his number line while he works out the sums.


Doctor Bella (Year 1H) creating & labelling parts of the human body.



Kaya (Yr 1H) makes her instrument - Drums.

Alan (Yr 4F) does his homework and helps Kaya with hers.



Scarlett (2W) has done some amazing drawings and really doing well with her home learning. We couldn’t be prouder. Obviously lots of ups and downs for us all and tears but staying strong together for the best outcome. We are helping to keep us and others safe by staying indoors.



Oscar in Year 2W:





Zain (Year 1H) wrote a story about coronavirus.


Amy 4F and Olivia 2W - Reading - done. Now Mathletics and English.



Marília (Year 1) & Mónica (Reception) have been busy with crafts and sharing ideas with each other.


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