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Week 3 - w/c 6th April 2020 (Easter Holidays)

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Week 3 Home Learning - w/c 6th April 2020 (Easter Holidays)

Maja G (Year 1) made a snail lapbook.


Maja G (Year 1) learnt about coins and role-played shopping. She enjoyed being a shopkeeper!




Zain (Year 1H) made pizza!



Jack (Yr1 Hu) making a rainbow with coloured pens, paper towels and water.



Mummy's questions answered by Zain (Year 1H):


Emma K (Yr2):



Marília (Year 1H) and Mónica (Reception) reading and writing outside in the garden.



Home learning:



Jaxon (Yr1W) making a boat that floats and Savannah (Yr2N) creating a character from a description.


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