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Week 5 - w/c 20th April 2020

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Week 5 Home Learning - w/c 20th April 2020

Amy F and Olivia F - “Thank you Miss Walter for your yummy Krispy cake recipe. We loved making Krispy cakes. We made milk and white chocolate ones - they are very yummy!”



“It's our Ramadan month - Zain helped with the decorations.”




Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) created their own shop and served mummy and daddy. They had to use the till to work out the price and the change. Eli also read one of his favourite books to his baby sister.



Georgie has been growing the seeds kindly dropped off by Mrs Walker. She’s really enjoying seeing daily progress.



Kiril (Year 2S) has been very busy over the past weeks at home. He really enjoyed reading Tom Gates books - even reading most of them two times each. He planted some carrots, dill and spring onions. Really looking forward to seeing the result soon!



Archie planted all the seeds that Mrs Walker kindly bought.


Jaycee S (Yr 6) has been busy baking and making her tea - yummy!




Finley (3H) has made a daily newspaper called the Chapman News, he writes a different story everyday. One story was about his family who he is missing like mad.



Seb (2S) completing his Mathletics and enjoying the daily dog walk.



Ruby-May, Joey and Teddy doing some planting.



Finley A (3B) and Freya E (Reception Green) – “We have been taking advantage of the sunshine this past week and spent lots of time in the garden and on our daily walks. We painted using vegetables, planted our sunflower seeds and even used different tools to dig into toys out of ice. We are missing our friends at school a lot now though, but still keeping safe at home.”



Abigail and Ben L:



Over the Easter holiday Lucas made his own Easter chocolates. He learnt to add and subtract using games, made rainbow cupcakes and celebrated his 4th birthday.



Oscar (2W) is learning how to use a thesaurus. His word of the day is ‘fascinate’. “We find 5 words that means fascinate, then write a sentence of those 5 words.”


Alan (Year 4F) & Kaya (Year 1H):


Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed craft time by making funny animals and his favourite superheroes out of toilet rolls. Henry has also been learning number bonds and phonics sounds and has been making a zoo - learning about animals, their habitats and different climates.



Finley (3H) has been finding and collecting bugs to write about in his school book, while out walking his dog.


Seb (2S) has completed his family tree.


Imogen's baking project for the day, with some help from Amelie.


Noel S (Year 3H):



Armela S:



Oscar (2W) doing Mathletics.


Noah (4C) has been busy with his online work and projects as well as learning to cook and designing and creating a zoo online. He’s hoping Mrs Langridge will be pleased with his artwork too. He’s been trying out different perspectives and trying to introduce movement and shading into his pictures.



Emma K (Year 2):


Marília (Year 1H) & Mónica (Reception) wanted to wish their teachers and friends a very Happy Easter. They miss school and their friends very much.



Easter Crafting - Marília (Year 1H) & Mónica (Reception)



Happy Easter from Emma K (Year 2):



Riley (Reception Green) – “I have been practising my phonics sounds every day and doing really well with my reading, remembering lots of words because of learning my digraphs and trigraphs on my phonics cards. I can’t wait to show you!”


Finley (3H) with his timetable posters - 3, 4 and 8.


Seb (2S) wrote about his magical egg and creature today. It is called Tiger Stitch.


Emma K (Year 2):



Henry (Reception Green class):



Charlie F designed and built a sword - with a little help from Dad!


Zain (Year 1H) made a jam and butter sandwich.



Zain (Year 1H) and Zafirah (Year 6) made elephants with milk bottles.



Back to school! Eli (Reception Red) telling the time and Teo (2S) using scratch programming.



Amy F and Olivia F have got straight back to it this morning, with reading and Mathletics. “Last week, while walking Hera, we saw a Mummy swan keeping her eggs warm just over the bridge - the girls were amazed, we saw Daddy swan yesterday. No hatching yet.”



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