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Week 6 - w/c 27th April 2020

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Week 6 Home Learning - w/c 27th April 2020

Alex G (4C):


Scale model of planetary distances from the Sun.


ISS and Tim Peake - Alex G (4C)


George read two books and has been working hard on his spellings and maths.



Marcin (1Hu) with his conjunction game and his puppet.



Violet (Reception Green) is sending this rainbow to Mrs Gurung and all the teachers and staff!


Ethan (4C) and Alex (2W) baking goodies!


Ethan (4C) and Alex (2W) have been completing a lockdown scrap book and adding details about themselves, what they have been doing, how they are feeling, what they miss, what they have enjoyed and what they have learnt. They hope to continue adding to this, for as long as we continue to be in lockdown.


Ethan (4C) and Alex (2W) have decorated both their bedrooms too - Alex thoroughly enjoyed painting his own room and did most of the work himself! Ethan is very "on topic" and has a space themed room with cosmic wallpaper, hanging planets and star wars bedding!



Kyle and Brooke S:



Hector (4C):



Christopher M (Reception Red):



George (4C):



Marília (Yr 1H) and Mónica (Reception) really enjoyed playing instruments they made. They used old cardboard boxes and turned them into instruments.


Riley (Reception Green) learning Maths this morning - his favourite subject.



Teo (2S) teaching his brother Eli (Reception Red) how to use an abacus.


Georgie has been writing about a local hero, her family’s friend, Claire.


Laura J (Year 3S):



Pandora (2W) has been working very hard on her phonics and handwriting and has been using an online program called ‘Reading Eggs’ which she really enjoys.



Marcel’s (1W) amazing card he created for Captain Tom Moore. Marcel was very happy to learn about this brave hero and with the best wishes was clapping in the evening, not only for the NHS, but also for Captain Tom Moore.



Marcel (1W) has been enjoying playing different games, including Chess, in which his skills are getting better and better every day.



Violet F (Reception Green) has been busy baking cakes.



Finley and Seb using their musical instruments while clapping for the NHS!


Darcy made models for her space project!



Finley A (3B) made a space station and Freya E (Reception Green) made a junk model robot. Finley made sure he looked at a picture of the ISS first and then copied it. Freya also drew a picture using the same shape as a leaf she found and pressed from the garden. She started a story about him too!



Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) having a music lesson!



Rubens achieved his first bronze certificate with Mathletics, did some baking and built a space rocket!



Olivia F loved listening to the stories read by the teachers and Mr Clarke. Olivia loved that Mrs Mitchell has doggies. "Her doggies have the same teddy as our dog Hera."



Olivia F has been learning about the UK, the 4 countries and their capital cities. Amy F has been learning a lot about space. She has modelled how the earth orbits the sun, and the moon orbits the earth (moving the objects around each other).




Robin L has been working hard at home. He has also done spellings, maths questions and is working through 11+ practice papers, as well as reading a lot. During May, Robin is going to attempt to climb the height of the Three Peaks (Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike) on the stairs in the house!



Edward (Reception Green) and Emma (3H) have both achieved 200 reads!


Riley (Reception Green) has been colouring and talking about dinosaurs this morning, before starting his maths and adding into his diary everyday.


Check out this amazing video the children have put together. Fantastic, you are all superstars!


Year 1H - Bella's Sock Puppet is ready for reading!



Connor (3S), with a little help, made the International Space Station. Wow!


Aisha (Reception Green) drawing shadows and writing short sentences.



Brooke S:


Anisa M (3S) writing about the International Space Station, skills to be an astronaut and about Tim Peake.



Anisa M (3S) story writing.



Imogen O (4C):

Idea for a game

Forfeit game

Who was the first person in space?


Amy and Olivia have done reading and Mathletics this morning. Amy has been learning about Tim Peake (answering an interview) and Olivia has been doing Money Madness (one of the BBC Bitesize lessons).



Keida (3S):



Armela (4C) and Noel (3H) finding and naming leaves and drawing.



Finley and Seb have been growing and looking after butterflies for the last couple of weeks.


Today was the day Finley and Seb let their butterflies fly away.



Lola R and her pot planting and Lilly R and her origami rocket.



Baking and cooking! This week, Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) have been baking bread sticks and flatbreads and making pesto from scratch.



Kaya (Year 1H):



Alan (Year 4F) & Kaya (Year 1H) help each other in lessons.



David is reading each day, writing and does maths online.


George (4C):





Oscar (2W) wrote a little story about why he wanted to build a rocket.



Jack (Yr 1 Hu) thoroughly enjoyed talking with Mrs Hunt on the phone. He wrote her another letter, practised his handwriting and shall deliver them both this week!



Ben L (Reception) drew an Easter Bunny for Mr Blanco and a treasure map for ‘Mr Grumpy’.



Abigail L (Year 3) has made some fish!


‘The Children and the Moon’ story by Saanvika (Year 2S)


Bella - The Little Chef - Year 1H



Seb (2S) planned his bass instrument and then made it all from cardboard. It makes a fantastic noise! He has also been doing a lot of maths from worksheets and Mathletics.



Finley (3H) has created 2 posters. One for the first person in space and the other being about the Queen.



Teddy also loved drawing around his dinosaurs.



Teddy has been really enjoying doing his work on his chalk board and white board.



Joey is loving all the gluing and cutting out!



Ruby-May and her cat enjoying doing some work.


Georgie S passed 145 reads. Well done!


Kyle has been enjoying reading this book!



Isabella W (Year 2W) with a sock puppet!


Rocket and Space with circles, squares and triangles by Saanvika (Year 2S)



Bunny poem by Darcy (Yr 4)



Marília (Year 1H) - Enjoying Play Dough.



Emma (3H) doing Mathletics on her computer, helping her Daddy cook her favourite dinner – fajitas and doing Joe Wicks’ workout!



Edward (Reception Green) making shadows, his 5th birthday celebrations and activities in his learning book!



Zain (Year 1H) – Thank you NHS!


Emma K (Year 2):


Marília (Year 1H) and Mónica (Reception) - Exploring and gardening.



Oscar (2W) made banana and chocolate chip muffins - carefully measuring units.



Georgie (1W) is counting objects and writing the amounts.


Kajus R:



Jack C (Year 1Hu) – Snail and the Whale!



Georgie ordering numbers.

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