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Week 7 - w/c 4th May 2020

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Week 7 Home Learning - w/c 4th May 2020

Oscar (2W) planted some seeds with a little help from Frank the dog.



Henry (Reception Green class) enjoyed making this astronaut rocket backpack from water bottles and a lot of imagination!



Ralph and Una have been learning flags of the world, fort making and gingerbread baking!



Olivia achieved her 200 reads. Reading 202 on the 10th May. Well done Olivia!



Amy and Olivia had fun making bird feeders.



Sashivan S (Year 2S) - Birthday rainbow cake commemorating the NHS!


Marcin (1Hu) – Learning multiplication and tally charts,



Zain (1H) has drawn a dog and helped with growing plants. He has been helping his Dad in the garden too!



Christopher M (Reception Red) has enjoyed learning to make different smoothies each morning and having one of his 5 a day! He enjoyed trying to find the letters with the phonics cup challenge and has been practicing phonics with the table football game we made.



Pawel V (3S):



Jack C (1Hu) learnt about World War II, made bunting and Union Jacks for VE day.



“We finally got round to making Miss Walter’s rice crispy cakes. They were yummy!” - Oscar 2W



Henry (Reception Green class) enjoyed making this farm. “We talked about the animals, what they eat and their place in a farm.”



Keida (3S):



Henry (Reception Green) and his baby brother making dinosaur sock puppets.



Noel (3H) writing about space travellers, the moon, creating a power point about Tim Peake, writing a story, describing Luna and his alien mask.



Armela has been making a power point about space travellers, writing a diary entry, a character description about Luna, creating a galaxy drawing and writing facts about the moon!



Laura J (Year 3S):



Today, Finley (3H) and Seb (2S) made some VE Day bunting to hang in their windows.



Alan (Year 4F) and Kaya (Year 1H):



Alan (Year 4F) does Lexia and writes about planets. Kaya (Year 1H) does Mathletics and makes a lost card.



Amy F and Olivia F enjoyed doing VE Day word searches today. Olivia also worked on fact families and made a flower. Amy was so happy to finish her space book.



Muireann (Reception Green) has been learning all about growing her plants from seed and is very excited about her sunflowers getting bigger!



Amy has been working very hard on her book about space - she is very proud of it!


Duncan E (4F) has made a space helmet, his interpretation of the ISS and with Daddy’s help, his Origami rocket. He has also been enjoying star gazing, looking for Elon Musks satellites and watching the ISS going over in the evenings last month.



Finley has spent the morning researching about the International Space Station and has made a fact file about it.



Oscar (2W) wrote about his favourite toy.



Lukas making patterns with colours, making numbers using hundreds and tens, digging in the garden, building a sand castle and learning to play Dominoes.



Finley A and Freya E have been designing their own bunting for VE Day tomorrow and colouring in ‘thank you’ posters for everyone. Finley also did fractions and Freya did numbers up to 20.



Oscar (2W) doing Mathletics with a little help from his best friend.


Henry (Reception Green) learning transportation this morning by making a picture with the help of stickers.



Laura J (3S):




Jack C (1Hu) building a pyramid using different lengths and watching the video on Mathletics!


Marcin (1Hu) toy’s picnic and listing differences between toys.


Jack C (1Hu) doing his tally chart.



Amy has been working very hard on her Mathletics and this morning she commandeered the table to work on her space project. She can’t wait to show Mrs Ford when it’s finished! Olivia has also been working very hard on her Mathletics and has done a lost poster for her dragon toy.



Amy and Olivia have had another busy day of learning - posters, Mathletics, reading, space project, number bonds, tally chart, Pinocchio questions & Lexia.



Seb has been busy creating his toy robot out of cardboard.



Finley is loving learning about the planets and has made some fab top trumps to play with. He has also made an alien mask and planned it out first. His alien is called ‘Bochs’ and his favourite food is chicken and pizza.



Muireann (Reception Green) celebrated her 5th birthday and has had lots of fun exploring on her daily exercise, learning about different trees, flowers and minibeasts.



Finley (3B) and Freya (Green R) made a solar system and alien masks. Finley followed instructions and painted them all the correct colours and then put them in order, they even added two of their own planets that their aliens came from!



Annabelle (Reception Green) made butterfly food and decorated butterfly feeders to hang in the garden.



Zain (1H) wrote times tables. He read 19 pages from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in one hour. “How many pages can you read? If you don't have this book, you can read a different book. Good luck!”



Dominic (1H):


Kiril (2S) has been doing his facts about police officers. He also keeps active, with daily exercise and one long walk a day around the field near home.



Milana (4C) has been working really hard at home and has started to read the 5th Harry Potter book (with all books read in just a few weeks). She is reading at every opportunity. Her Mum is really proud of her!



Keida (3S):



Violet (Reception Green) has been collecting flowers from the garden and pressing them to make pretty cards to send to loved ones.



Finley and Seb both made a poster about a key worker last week. Seb also made his sock puppet called ‘Socko’. They have both been enjoying PE with Joe Wicks.



Jack C (1Hu) made a lost poster for his Spiderman figure!



Finley A (3B) did his ‘Luna’ character description today and Freya E (Reception Green) acted out different animals using her body. She also made a shadow face using items from the house! Great fun!



Jack (1Hu) comparing his baby brother's toys. One is soft and cube shaped. The other is hard, cylindrical and rattles.

Hosting a teddy bear's picnic and reading to them. The story was - That's Not My Polar Bear!


Hector (Year 4C):



Savannah (Year 2) and Jaxon (Year 1) made lost toy posters.



Laura J (Year 3S):



Henry (Reception Green class):



Marília (Year 1H) offered help in the kitchen - she's very proud of her learning!






Annabelle (Reception Green) has spent a lot of time out in the garden – digging, finding lots of bugs and worms. She planted some veg and flower seeds and helped Daddy with laying new grass.




Annabelle (Reception Green) and little brother Rory did an online first aid course. She learnt what to do if she found someone unconscious, how to check for breathing and put them in the recovery position. Afterwards, Mummy showed her how to use the home phone to call the emergency services. She is now practicing learning her post code. 


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