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Week 8 - w/c 11th May 2020

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Week 8 Home Learning - w/c 11th May 2020

Oscar (2W) made a milk bottle T-Rex head with help from daddy. He is really enjoying the dinosaur topic.



Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed the lovely weather in the park, made playdough - lots of hours of fun, baked funny pancakes and a dinosaur chocolate cake!



Jack C (1Hu) - A family of dinosaurs painted with his hands alongside Mummy and his brother too!



Jack C (1Hu) watched the dinosaur live stream at Paradise Wildlife Park, learning all about the different dinosaurs.



Abby (3S) has been having fun using PowerPoint!


Alan (4F) and Kaya (1H):


Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) making and eating their own pasta!


Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) loving the dinosaur activities - fossil making!



Alexander and Freya B dog walking, making sand art pictures and their rainbow project.



Christopher M (Reception Red) enjoying the minibeast art theme and doing PE - a spot of tennis.



Nariyah S has embraced and thoroughly enjoyed maths learning this week.


Henry (Reception Green) doing phonics, reading and some PE exercises with his baby brother.



Riley (Reception Green) playing with Hama beads and making dinosaurs & dragons. We find it’s a very quiet and relaxing thing to do.



Hector's (4C) Spitfire:


Iljon (Nursery) has enjoyed making a rainbow with play dough, decorating a cupcake, drawing shapes and riding on his scooter.



Lillie enjoying her bike ride with no stabilisers and planting her carrot plant and flowers.



Inna has been doing lots of different activities. “We would like to say a huge thank you! For all the updates and all the hard work to support us while we are at home. We have been very happy to see how everyone is getting on during these hard times!”



Amy went to put her work away in her folder, when she realised she had made a mistake on her times and wanted to put it right! Amy has also been busy with more fractions.



Marcin (1Hu) fossils and dinosaur picture.



Riley’s (Reception Green) dinosaur project.


Marcin (1Hu) with his dinosaur footprints!



Seb (2S) has been learning about fossils - creating some by using playdough and dinosaurs. He has also done a different twist on the dinosaur footprints by putting the number on the front and the times table on the back - these are now placed on the wall for him to learn.



Muireann (Reception Green) has been having fun learning to make a sailing boat, baking cookies and making playdough cookies. She has also been learning to play piano and teaching phonics to her teddies.



Freya (Reception Green) made a poem about her favourite minibeast - a butterfly!



Jack C (1Hu) and his acrostic poem.


Amy and Olivia absolutely loved Mr Smith’s video on Google drive. They were in fits of giggles. Thank you Mr Smith!


Max W’s (2S) Jurassic garden. He dipped the pebbles in some nail varnish and painted the large rock with acrylic paints. He made a watering hole out of tin foil and a nest from some bits of old moss!


Max W (2S) Dinosaur News Report - Download


Jack C (1Hu) drawing dinosaur pictures using shapes.



Henry (Reception Green) learning about dinosaurs - he discovered 4 dinosaurs with the help of an excavator kit and built his own discovery globe.



Isabella W (2W) made a dinosaur from a bottle and working hard doing maths in the garden.



Jack C (1Hu) learning all about dinosaurs!


Finley (3B) made Honey War Cakes from WWII using information he found online.



Freya (Reception Green) drew the life cycle of a worm after learning about it on YouTube. She also made a minibeast by drawing with her hands and came up with ideas of what a snail could use as a shell from around the house.



Violet (Reception Green) making a shell for Norman the slug.



Shaun making a shell for Norman the slug. He also made his minibeasts poster. Glenn has been helping Shaun with his reading!



Zane (2N) has had so much fun doing the work set for this week - dinosaurs are one of his favourite topics!



Olivia (2W) has been writing about Emmeline Pankhurst and working on her ‘dinosaur’ maths.



Amy (4F) was very proud of herself working out improper fractions into mixed numbers and learning about latitude and longitude.



Andrey (1Hu) learning the time and Anna (4F) looking after her hamster - Cupcake. Also, working hard with different online resources.



Olivia (2W) tucking into her dinosaur activities.



Armela (4C) and Noel (3H) have been learning about VE Day and Spitfires. They have also been making cupcakes, a war time recipe, and learning a special dance.




Malak (Nursery):


Emma K (Year 2):



Henry (Reception Green) drawing his favourite minibeasts: an ant and a spider. He also made a snail out of pompoms.



Oscar (2W) did shadow drawing and made a dinosaur landscape.



Saanvika (2S):



Oscar (2S) – Dinosaurs!


Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed a walk in the park to find ‘dinosaurs’, playing Three Little Pigs in the garden and building houses out of sticks, wood and bricks, colouring a card for the key workers and NHS staff, learning to make 3D shapes and lots of maths and phonics activities.



Christopher M (Reception Red) had fun collecting leaves, flowers and stones to make minibeasts.


Christopher M (Reception Red) with his finished wormery. He will check each day to make sure the worms have enough food and water.



Lilly D (2S) fact file on Martin Luther King, work on dinosaurs and rainbow for the NHS. Jasper the cat has been helping too!


Lilly D (2S) baking, fort making, ballet and Mathletics.



Oscar (2W) wrote a letter to his auntie, who just had a baby. Next, he made a long hug to send to his grandma & grandpa. He then had a little piano lesson.



Marcin (1Hu) made paper airplanes, a horse of salt mass and a wooden sword together with his dad.



Seb has written a poem about a dinosaur called Doofy and created him using shapes.



Addison made Cornish Hevva cake, as she wanted to know about her heritage.

Junior helped build a strawberry planter and also helped daddy fix a car.


Violet (Reception Green class) has been learning to play the piano.


Edward B (Reception Green) minibeast tally chart. Edward designed and made an alien mask. He also created a poster of his favourite minibeast - a spider.



Emma B (3H) artwork created after listening to music. Emma also created planet top trumps and learnt about the first man in space.


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