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Week 9 - w/c 18th May 2020

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Week 9 Home Learning - w/c 18th May 2020

Zain (1H) made biscuits!



Max W’s (2S) dinosaur home learning creations!



Lillie-Anne (Nursery) making cupcakes, colouring her dinosaur pictures, drawing Olaf & enjoying the sun!



Amy was very happy to receive her 200 read certificate today. Well done Amy!


Richie made a dinosaur village and took his dog for a walk.


Keida (3S) has been working really hard this week on maths money problems, she has created her potion, sorting hat and has designed a mythical creature. Well done Keida!




Kiril (2S):



Henry (Reception Green) working on his maths and building a castle for his dinosaurs.



Freya (Reception Green) made some patterns and worked out how to fit them into boxes. She also did some minibeast maths and some fact sheets about minibeasts.



Finley and Seb have both made cardboard scenes from their home learning sheet. Finley’s is for his magical creature and Seb has made one for his dinosaurs.



Inna O (2S):



Annabelle (Reception Green) has really enjoyed learning about minibeasts. She has done lots of bug hunts, chalk drawings, made a wormery and had lots of fun making her ‘Ladybird Girl’ costume.



Annabelle (Reception Green) made a shop and has been doing jobs around the house to earn money.



Rose, Chelsea and Callum S have been doing lots of learning at home and have been recycling by making wind chimes from plastic.



Amy (4F) is whizzing through her fractions. Well done Amy!



Olivia has been working very hard on her maths and dinosaur activities.



Max W’s (2S) fossils.


Hector (4C):



Andrey (1Hu) would like to thank Mrs Hunt for all her hard work and support.


Alan (4F) and Kaya (1H):



A big ‘Thank You’ to the teachers from Marília (Yr1) and Mónica (Reception).



Henry (Reception Green) worked hard on his ‘Thank a Teacher’ card for Mrs Gurung. He did maths and a reading activity.



William C (3H) has spent the afternoon doing Hama beads while keeping cool out of the sun.



“To all staff at South Borough Primary School - A huge thank you! Inna sends all her love and gratitude to everyone!"


Amy and Olivia - "Thank you!"



Armela (4C) and Noel (3H) have been working hard, relaxing by the sea and making a ‘Thank You’ card.



Marília (1H) and Mónica (Reception) dress up day - Little Red Riding Hood with her Grandma, bringing the story to life!



Seb (2S) has been doing his dinosaur maths sheet this morning. He used 3 dinosaurs and used pens as their eggs.



Kyle and Brooke’s superheroes:



Brooke’s (Reception Red) 5th birthday celebrations!



Oscar (2W):


Georgiana and Izzy:


Henry (Reception Green) practicing his writing, he has a new sandpit built by his grandfather and he created a superhero photo collage.



Olivia is enjoying using her new maths cubes and has also been completing dinosaur worksheets.



Amy has been very busy with her online learning, she loves the Harry Potter topic on Google Drive.



Seb (2S) created a PE lesson which he has done in the garden with his brother Finley.



Seb (2S) has been enjoying researching about dinosaurs.



Freya (Reception Green) also made a superhero costume! She’s called SUPERBUTTERFLY!



Oscar (2W) wrote an acrostic poem and did some Dino maths.



Duncan E (4F) went for a sunset walk on Hayle Park Nature Reserve. He saw a fox, a heron, a family of ducks with ducklings and a bat. Duncan also went for a walk along the beach to see the oil exploration platform ‘Prospector 1’ which is currently moored at Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey, having previously been deployed out in the North Sea.



Henry (Reception Green) learning about planets and the Sun, reading how Peter Parker becomes Spiderman and doing subtraction word problems.



Rubens at work and a beautiful walk in the park!


Freya (Reception Green) made her own superhero called ‘Superbutterfly’. She also used her breakfast to make a superhero healthy snack and worked out what minibeasts she could think of using the letters of her name.



Lukas has been on his bike for the first time since home learning started. He has also made shapes with playdough, experimented with balancing & weighing and played a spelling game.



Mrs Watts is very pleased with the Year 6 Home Learning - Download



Mónica (Reception) turned 5 years old. She is enjoying Lego construction with her sister Marília (1H).


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