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Week 11 - w/c 1st June 2020

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Week 11 Home Learning - w/c 1st June 2020

"Thank you to all teachers for setting up Google Drive, sending work over, the girls love listening to the teachers and seeing what they have been up to. It certainly does put a smile on their faces. Also a huge thank you to their teachers for phoning, both girls get so excited!"


Max W’s pop art:


Richie and his mum baked caramel cornflakes with mixed nuts and raisins.



Emma K (Year 2):


Marcin (1H):



Amy and Olivia had a lot of fun watching and copying the safari animal dance.... What a bunch of monkeys!



Year 6 wrote a diary entry from the perspective of someone on a trip to the Galapagos Islands.
Download Amy Farmer's here.


Francesca L’s (2S) tribute to key workers and her rainbow pirate ship.


Christopher M (Reception Red) worked hard on making a poster for his cousin’s birthday and had fun in the garden through an obstacle course!



Henry (Reception Green) showed his brother how he does Mathletics, he made his own dinosaur book and enjoyed doing PE exercises.



Lillie-Anne (Nursery) enjoyed making tents and a slide for her dolls. She can now write the numbers 1-5 by herself. Well done!



Edward (Reception Green) had great fun making his own safari!



Seb (2S) has been working extremely hard on his safari maths work. He is currently creating a yummy bowl of fruit from ‘Handa’s surprise’.



Noel (3H) enjoyed this week’s learning about safari but mostly he enjoyed the video call with his teacher. Thank you Miss Huggins.



Freya (Reception Green) drew patterns on her safari animals to camouflage them and added 10 to the numbers 1-10 by herself.


Finley (3B) helped Freya (Reception Green) with ‘Guess the animal’ game. They picked up a piece of paper, read the animal name and acted it out.




Christopher M (Reception Red):



Hector (4C) has been working hard on animal fractions.



Olivia (2W) has been working very hard on her maths and has really enjoyed learning about habitats. She chose to learn about the Arctic Fox.



Emma K (Year 2):



Iljon (Nursery) enjoys painting animal characters, trying his best to do yoga and outside activities.



Seb (2S) learnt about the hippopotamus and made some fantastic animal pop art.



Marcin (1H):



Freya (Reception Green) did some animal safari maths. She used her toys to add and take away different numbers and pretended they were animals from the wild. She wrote some sums and wrote the answers in her book.



Amy (4F) has had another busy morning enjoying her safari activities. She has been making her own binoculars, doing safari fractions, a quiz and some Mathletics. Well done Amy!



Olivia (2W) has had another busy morning working on her safari activities and maths. Well done Olivia!



Armela (4C) enjoys drawing in her free time. “We would like to thank the staff for enabling Google Classroom so she can hand in her work and get marks and feedback from her teacher. Also, thank you for the phone calls.”



Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed doing some safari activities including identifying wild animals, making a giraffe out of rocks and counting animals.



Hector (4C):



Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed learning about how the days and nights are formed by using a torch and globe. “We talked about the rotation of the earth, different seasons and time. He was very excited!”



Henry (Reception Green) planted a flower, painted his new sandpit, did Mathletics, arranged dinosaurs from smallest to largest and completed a crossword. We are very proud of his achievements!




Freya (Reception Green) made a list of all the animals she could think of (mostly spelt by herself) and used the letters of the alphabet to put them in order. She is going to find pictures from the computer of each animal and put them into the book too!


Seb (2S) has been working hard on his safari list and how to pack his backpack.



Olivia has had a busy morning. Safari questions, drawing, maths and reading. Well done Olivia!



Edward (Reception Green) is loving the safari topic and really enjoyed making a camera and binoculars.



Amy has been very busy drawing Safari animals, working on perimeter & area, and doing a fact file on lions. Amy is so happy with her drawings!



Finley (3H) has spent the morning learning about the White Rhino. He also learnt how to draw a rhino - great job!



Maja G enjoyed making dinosaur art. She wrote a poem about her wishes during the COVID-19 pandemic.




Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) were inspired by the rocket launch at the weekend when making these biscuits!


Freya (Reception Green) and Finley (3B) went on an adventure. “We met a snake and a tiger. We had our binoculars & tent and hunted them out. We also did some safari yoga and Freya tried to eat her lunch like an animal - very messy!"



Nicolas (Year 5) is very proud of himself as he was a winner in the Swale Academies Trust story writing competition. Fantastic, well done!


Finley (3H), Seb (2S) and their younger sister enjoyed making binoculars.


Hector (4C):

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