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Week 12 - w/c 8th June 2020

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Week 12 Home Learning - w/c 8th June 2020

Seb (2S) is very proud of himself as he has just finished The Cat in the Hat - the first long book he has completed! He has also created an article about tigers.



Henry (Reception Green) grouped different letters of the alphabet together and worked on his handwriting.



Finley (3B) made a Tinga Tinga drawing and used patterns and shapes to colour it in.



Henry (Reception Green) has been learning about how our body works, he did an experiment to see how the lungs work and how food gets into our stomach. Then he glued the most important organs and talked about their functions.



Henry (Reception Green) has been working hard on his maths.



Noah (4C) has been working on this geometric animal print painting for the last couple of weeks and it fits in perfectly with the current Safari theme. Can you guess all the animal prints?


Armela (4C) has enjoyed learning about safari. She has done an animal drawing, animal dance and maths. Armela loves doing quizzes for her teacher and playing Snakes and Giraffes with Noel. She also took a photo of a rainbow!



Amy and Olivia have been enjoying drawing Tinga Tinga animals this afternoon. They have been copying each stage of the drawing from the internet.



Finley and Sebastian have completed some Tinga Tinga artwork today.



Olivia (2W) really enjoyed making her own binoculars and has been very busy with her reading and maths.



Amy (4F) has been very busy with more fractions and making her own snakes and giraffe game!



Henry (Reception Green) drew his favourite dinosaur, practised his writing, read facts about animals and traced the words, learnt new information about the earth and played "I spy with my little eye" with his smaller brother.



Bella's (1H) 6th birthday. We would like to say a huge "Thank You" to Mrs Hunt for the phone call wishing Bella "Happy Birthday" and also for the lovely birthday voicemail. Thank You Mrs Hunt. You absolutely brightened up Bella's day with your song!



Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) enjoying the safari activities!


Annabelle (Reception Green) has had great fun doing safari week. She made tickets and went on safari looking for animals.


Annabelle (Reception Green) looked at different types of camouflage and designed a new one for an elephant. Then she dressed herself up to camouflage like a Snow Leopard.



Seb (2S) has been learning how to tell the time.

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