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Week 13 - w/c 15th June 2020

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Week 13 Home Learning - w/c 15th June 2020

Noel (3H):



Emma K (Year 2):



Saanvika’s (2S) letter to Mr Smith:


Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) both proud of their silver Mathletics certificates. Well done!


Vrisha B (4F):


Matilda’s Skittles experiment.



Today, Finley and Seb have been learning about the human body. After drawing around their younger sister Daisy, they worked together to label the body.



Olivia (2W) has been really busy learning about shapes and working on her school activities. Olivia found the short story ‘The Girl Who Loved to Burp’ really funny!



Emmett (4C) worked hard making a skeleton - he chose to do it in different colours.



Saanvika (2S) – Safari Day:


Emmett (4C) labelled body parts in Spanish.




Charlie, Finlay and Marion Archer with their certificates!



Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed Lego dinosaur building, making animal finger puppets and creating a dinosaur.



Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed a board games family evening and some math exercises.



This morning, Annabelle (Reception Green) made a healthy breakfast.



Eduard's (2S) adventure to safari.


Annabelle (Reception Green) has been having fun on ‘My Amazing Body’ week. She has been on a bike ride to keep fit and healthy, measuring family members using cups and learning to do a self-portrait.



Along with her self-portrait, Olivia has been enjoying doing her number bonds of 10 & 20 using cut out hands and working on her multiplication and division.



Amy and Olivia have been working very hard on their self-portraits.



Max W – Fantastic African art!


Henry (Reception Green) worked on addition, more or less, shapes and missing vowels. He also enjoyed a walk in the park to see flowers with different colours and shapes.



Olivia (2W) has been working very hard on her maths and learning about the human body.



Amy (4F) has been working very hard on her English – homophones, synonyms, antonyms and her maths.



Henry (Reception Green) worked on his writing, Mathletics and made a dinosaur out of playdough.



Zain (1H) grew some radishes and wrote a story about Beegu.


Iljon (Nursery) has been improving his English, enjoying building Lego and counting numbers up to 10.



Emmett (4C) worked really hard making some animals and did a scratch picture.



Lillie-Anne (Nursery) counting numbers from 1-10 on her fingers this morning.


Georgie S - M&S seed to radish!

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