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Week 14 - w/c 22nd June 2020

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Week 14 Home Learning - w/c 22nd June 2020

Rayyan made dinosaur fossils with his little brother!



Rayyan enjoyed learning outside - exploring nature. He also built a Lego house, camera and bird following instructions.



Rayyan completed Mathletics activities, read an encyclopaedia learning about science, astronauts and x-rays and finished his phonics book.



Finley and Seb’s art work:



Armela (4C):



Inna has been labelling parts of the body and she has completed a course on Computer Science. Well done!



Inna has been enjoying learning outside - making the most of the weather.



This week, Maja is learning about the human body and how the respiratory system works.



Last week, Maja enjoyed making her own safari.



Olivia (2W) tried very hard with her sentences this morning. Using her senses when eating a banana Olivia said, “The banana smelled and tasted like yellow medicine, it was also soft and squishy.”


Olivia (2W) has been learning about the digestive system.



Olivia (2W) has been very busy this afternoon with her maths - comparing lengths.



Oscar (2W) finished writing his ‘sense’ sentences and did some time tables.



Oscar (2W) strawberry and raspberry picking!



Amy and Olivia were so happy to receive their gold certificates for Mathletics last week. They also enjoyed making healthy smoothies over the weekend.



Marília (Y1) and Mónica (Reception) enjoying and exploring poppy fields in the sunshine.


Henry (Reception Green) read a book and made his own weather chart.


Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed being outside cycling and a walk in the park discovering different trees.



Oscar (2W) thinking and writing sentences about his senses whilst eating an apple.

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