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Week 15 - w/c 29th June 2020

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Week 15 Home Learning - w/c 29th June 2020

Henry (Reception Green) has been doing lots of craft work, making a poster about the United Kingdom, some cute foam insects and funny faces, and learning about division.



Eniko L (4F):



Olivia (2W) has been busy with her spellings and learning about Great Britain.


Seb (2S) has been working hard on a PowerPoint about Great Britain - Download.


King Finley (3H):



Iljon (Nursery) has learnt new words and sentences. Iljon likes to paint, dance and sing along with cartoons on the television.



Armela (4C) is enjoying this week’s learning about England. She tries her best with all the learning and does extra in her free time!



Rayyan putting stickers of animals ‘on land’ or ‘in water’ according to their habitat.



Teo (2S) and Eli (Reception Red) made a life-size model of the human body.


Henry (Reception Green) doing Mathletics, maths worksheets and having fun at home!



Henry (Reception Green) enjoyed helping his dad in the garden, alongside making Maidstone town and a dinosaur from Lego.



Olivia has been working very hard telling the time and learning about measurements!



Amy has been doing so well working on her decimals, percentages and fractions along with other topic activities. Brilliant!



Amy and Olivia have been learning about vitamins - they chose a vitamin to concentrate on and are very happy with their vitamin heroes and posters!



Rayyan created a dinosaur land and did a science experiment of a volcanic eruption by adding tartaric acid, soap, water and some baking soda to see bubbling lava coming out of the volcano destroying the dinosaur land. He also learnt about fossils and had loads of fun playing in the sand with his brother!



Vitamins superpowers by Finley and Seb!



Rayyan dug some dinosaur fossils in sand using different tools and collected them on his digger trucks.



Noel (3H):



Amy (4F) has been very busy with her school work. Well done Amy!


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