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Week 16 - w/c 6th July 2020

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Week 16 Home Learning - w/c 6th July 2020

Christopher (Reception Red) had lots of fun playing as a train driver for a tour of London. We read books about London and made models of landmarks.



Christopher (Reception Red) enjoyed learning more about the human body and we made up a word game on the theme. He also had fun building, painting and seeing a volcano model erupt!



Rayyan (2W) made a leaflet about Great Britain.



Rayyan (2W) has done a newspaper report, used a range of conjunctions in his sentences, wrote about his favourite toy and received a letter from the NHS. He was very proud of his Daddy!



Iljon (Nursery):



Kiril (2S):



Eli (Reception Red) and Teo (2S) did self-portraits using the gridding technique.


Marília (Yr 1) and Mónica (Reception) enjoyed exploring outside!



Olivia's (2W) artwork:



Amy (4F) drew a birthday cake for the Queen (with added corgi) and drew a royal portrait. Amy has been improving her drawing skills while she’s been at home and is very proud of herself. Well done Amy!



Armela (4C):



Olivia (2W) has been trying very hard with her sounds and sorting real words and alien words this morning. Olivia was also very happy that Miss Walter set her some more fractions work on Mathletics.


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