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Year 1

Class 1B

Teacher: Ms L Brough

Class 1S

Teacher: Mr D Smith

Class 1B Timetable
Class 1S Timetable
Topic Overview (Term 1)
Social story for transition - September 2020 Year 1B
Social story for transition - September 2020 Year 1S


Welcome to Year 1 Classes!

Year 1 Staff

Mr Smith

Hello, my name is Mr Smith and I am one of the teachers in the Year 1 team. I am really enjoying getting to know all the students in my class. Having an artistic background, I love being creative when planning lessons, especially English like role-play, retelling stories, creating alternative endings and character hot spotting.

When not at school, with nicer weather, I love going on long walks or cycle rides nearby or further away from Maidstone. When winter approaches you will probably find me engulfed in a new (or re-reading an old) book, trying new dinner recipes or adding artwork to my ever-growing animal wall.

Ms Brough

My name is Ms Brough and I have been part of the South Borough team since September 2019. I am currently teaching Year 1, but have taught all Primary Year groups, since qualifying 10 years ago. I love teaching Maths, English and Science, but, when at home, I enjoy reading, walking and art, particularly sketching and watercolour painting.

I have 3 grown up children and 2 granddaughters, who I love very much. Family is extremely important to me.

Mrs Mitchell

My name is Mrs Mitchell. I have been part of the South Borough team for over fourteen years. I have several years of experience supporting within the Early Years and I have gradually progressed throughout Key Stage 1. I am currently a teaching assistant in Year 1 alongside Ms Brough. I love to teach all subjects at South Borough, but in particular Art. I also love to do outdoor learning.

When I am not in school, I am scout leader in a local village. I also love to go on long walks with my dogs Holly, Daisy and Cody and when time allows I make and decorate celebration cakes for family and friends.

Mrs Bell-Herbert

I am Mrs Bell-Herbert and I am currently a teaching assistant in Year 1. I have also worked in Nursery and Reception at South Borough Primary School and have the privilege to watch children grow and learn as they move up through the school. I love my job because there is always something new and exciting to discover as we journey through the school year.

When I am not at school, I am busy looking after my two children. I also love visiting castles and historic buildings.

Mrs Walker


Hello! I am Mrs Walker and I started work as a parent helper at South Borough Primary School when my two daughters were in Year R and Year 4, and that is 20 years ago! Wow that makes me feel old!

I am a qualified Nursery Nurse and have worked in various setting before coming to South Borough. I have had many happy years being part of the Nursery, Reception and Year One teams. I am proud to be part of such a busy and energetic team.

Outside of work I spend lots of time with my family and parents. I love the seaside, riding my bike and sitting in my garden. I also belong to a running club and try and run twice a week!

Mrs Samways

My name is Mrs Samways and I have been a TA at South Borough Primary School for 20 years. I am the school's pastoral champion supporting children with emotional and nurturing needs.

I have also run the school's drama club for the same amount of time, helping children to build their confidence.

Out of school, my hobbies include musicals, vintage glamour, blogging, arts and crafts.

Mrs Moore

My name is Mrs Moore and I am in Year 1 with Mr Smith and Mrs Walker. I have been at South Borough for 3 years. I love working at South Borough. I really enjoy working with lots of different children especially during English, Maths and P.E lessons.

When I am not at South Borough I am at home with my husband, 4 daughters and my dog Bear who I love to take for nice long walks. I love to read lots of different books and I also enjoy taking part in sport.

Useful Websites for Learning:

Phonics Songs

Let's Get Fit - Count to 100 - Jack Hartmann


Celebration of Work

Christmas songs


In English, Year 1 have been reading 'Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)'. We learned about questions and question marks and wrote our own questions to ask Bob, when he visited our classroom! We wrote what we know, on a giant outline of Bob, so we could write a character description.  In Maths, we have been learning about fact families and how if we know 10-2=8, then we also know 8+2=10 and 2+8=10, amazing maths! In our Space topic, we have learned about the moon. We used textured white paint on a black background and used our fingers to create texture and craters on the moon's surface. We then used cotton buds to make the twinkling stars in space. Our science this term is exploring Autumn. Then of course, we had to isolate and we are looking forward to see all your wonderful learning in Google Classroom.




In English, Year 1 we have been describing a mountain setting.  We have taken an imaginary hike, into the towering mountains, along the rushing river and through the trees, standing tall.  The children have enjoyed creating great words and sentences to keep their ideas exciting.  In Maths, we have been learning to use the subtraction sign.  We have been using objects to find how many left, and used a number line to count back.  We are now writing our subtractions neatly in our books!  In our Space topic, we have learned about constellations and made our own ones, using dark card and white paint dots.  Our science this term is exploring Autumn.  We have made a word bank and looked at colours of leaves, what Autumn means and even what time the sunrises and sets.




In English, we used descriptive language and onomatopoeia, e.g. Whoosh! Bang! Crash! to write firework poetry, using our senses. We also used our descriptive skills to begin to write 'A Rocky Mountain Adventure', using adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. In Maths, we explored number bonds to 10 and 20,  and also learned to use the addition symbol.  In our Space Topic, we had fun, learning about rockets, and how they work.  We made balloon rockets, using balloons, straws and string! We have been learning about astronauts, and how they live on the International Space Station (ISS) , in particular, the famous astronaut Tim Peake.

In our Science Topic - Materials, we have been learning the difference between absorbent materials and waterproof materials.  We made predictions and then tested them.




In our Maths lessons, we have been learning about more than and less than, using the sign > and <.  We have used Charlie the crocodile to remember that he always opens his mouth to the biggest number of fish!  In English, we have been using descriptive language.  We have spoken and written descriptive sentences, using to catch a star.  In Our Space Topic, we have learned further about our solar system, and have produced a brilliant display of our art, written knowledge. We are space experts! In science, we have been using our knowledge of the properties of different materials., to sort 'rubbish' for recycling. We are now also recycling experts!



In English, Year 1 have enjoyed reading 'How to Catch a Star', by Oliver Jeffers. An inspirational story of a boy who loved the stars so much, he decided to catch one of his very own.  We have had fun retelling the story, including making puppets to perform the story to the class! We have also had fun with our outside learning, dressing up for role play and beginning to read and write our own sentences. In our Maths lessons, we have been counting on and backwards to 20, and worked hard, on one to one correspondence (matching numbers to objects). In our Space Topic, we have learned further about the planets, in our solar system, and also interesting facts about life for astronauts in space. In science, we have been investigating the properties of different materials. 



In English, Year 1 have had lots of fun, reading The Colour Monster.  In the beginning, his colours and feelings are all mixed up and confused.  He doesn’t know why. He looks at the different colours. The children helped him understand his feelings, linked to the different colours. We described a character and created simple sentences. In our Maths lessons, we have worked hard, sorting and comparing objects and counting objects, up to 20. Our sorting and comparing skills helped us with our Science topic, Materials. We began our Space topic, and have been learning a song about the 8 planets!