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Year 2

Class 2F

Teacher: Mrs M Ford

Class 2W

Teacher: Miss K Wright

Class 2F Timetable
Class 2W Timetable
Topic Overview (Term 1)
Social story for transition - September 2020 Year 2F
Social story for transition - September 2020 Year 2W


Celebration of Work


Year 2 have been working really hard both in school and at home, the children's resilience and continued hard work should be applauded.

In English, the children finished their descriptions of a mountain which were beautiful and highlighted how the children are starting to use more varied, sophisticated vocabulary in their writing.  

In maths, the children have persevered with column addition and subtraction and we are now moving onto money.  Please support your children to recognise coins and their values, adding values and calculating change.  There are a range of work, games and links to support the learning of money on Google Classroom.

In PE, the children have been very excited to use a range of equipment in their gymnastics lessons to help develop their skills.



This week in maths, Year 2 have moved on from column addition and have started to look at subtraction using column method. The children have started to learn how to exchange in order to solve subtraction problems.

In English, the children have been finishing their learning on descriptions. They have worked hard on describing a mountain scene, using different sentence starters to make the writing more exciting for the reader. Next, we will be having a go at writing our own non-fiction text about space. We have also been working hard on our phonics sounds ahead of the upcoming phonics check. Please support your child with this by practising reading and writing the phonics sounds with them at home.

Also this week, the children have looked at how important it is to be kind online and continued to learn about our topic, space. The two classes have looked at a range of figures who have made the journey into space and spoken about what life is like in space.

Well done for all of your hard work this week, whether it is in school or at home. We look forward to seeing everyone back in school next week.



Year 2 have had a great start to Term 2. In maths, we have been covering addition using column method. We started looking at expanded column method and have now moved on to compact column method.

In English, we have joined the whole school writing a description about a mountain landscape. The children enjoyed going outside to come up with some exciting adjectives and are learning to start their sentences in a variety of ways.

During the afternoons, we have talked about our school’s new ‘rainbow rules’ and why they are important. The children have been working hard to earn dojo points so that they can get an individual and class reward. Please ask your child about these rules at home and celebrate their achievements with them.




This week in maths, Year 2 have been focusing on subtraction. The children have used their knowledge of partitioning and counting back in tens to solve simple subtraction calculations on a number line.

In English, the children have been enjoying looking at the book ‘Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartrum. We read the start of the story as a class, creating character and setting descriptions before the children had a go at writing their own ending to the story.

In the afternoons the children have been enjoying learning practically about materials in science through a range of experiments. They have also looked at the life of Neil Armstrong in topic and have finished making some amazing clay aliens.



This week in maths, Year 2 have begun to look closer at addition and subtraction. They have been busy exploring number bonds and fact families through a range of resources which have helped secure their understanding.  

In English, the children have now finished writing their instructions, 'How to Catch an Alien'.  The children all worked really hard on this piece of writing and they should all be very proud of their achievements. We will next be looking at narrative writing which will be inspired by Simon Bartram's book 'The Man on the Moon'.

The children have been really enjoying our space topic and so we are now going to think more about humans in space and in particular Neil Armstong and the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Please continue to encourage your child's enjoyment of reading through the sharing of books and regular reading.



It's been wonderful to see all the Year 2 children back in their classrooms and enjoying their first topic 'Space'. So far, we have been looking closely at the different planets and have made some beautiful collages of the different planets.

In English, we spent some time discussing if we thought there were aliens somewhere in space and, if so, what they might look like. We then used our ideas to write descriptive sentences about aliens using a range of adjectives as well as trying to include some alliteration. Next, we will be writing instructions on how to catch an alien!

In maths, the children have been using a range of manipulatives to explore two-digit numbers breaking the numbers down into tens and ones.  We have also been spending time counting up and down in tens.

We are encouraging the children to be more independent with their reading choices and so please support your child with their reading.  Remember, we don't expect the children to read a whole book a night but rather spend 15 minutes reading with an adult and enjoying the book they selected.