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Year 5

Class 5S

Teacher: Mr B Smith

Class 5W

Teacher: Mrs T Watts

Class 5S Timetable
Class 5W Timetable
Topic Overview (Term 1)
Social story for transition - September 2020 Year 5S
Social story for transition - September 2020 Year 5W


Celebration of Work


In Year 5 we have been working really hard, both in school and on our Home Learning. We have begun a really exciting new piece of writing, where we are using our most sophisticated vocabulary to describe a mountain. We are looking forward to seeing some of our work displayed in the near future. Our reading lessons have linked with our Rivers and Coasts topic, and this week we have been reading the beginning of The Wind in the Willows. It is fun to learn about the adventures of Mr Rat, Badger and Mr Toad. In our topic lesson we became Art Critics - we had the task of studying a variety of pieces of artwork depicting the River Thames and giving our opinion of each.  We have also had great fun in our Science lessons, especially when we designed and made our own pulley systems. 



The children in Year 5 have been enjoying our latest piece of writing based on the book, The Whale by Ethan and Vita Murrow. We particularly enjoyed the experience and drama sessions, where we really got to develop our understanding of the characters. 

In Science we have been developing our knowledge of forces, and have had great fun designing and making parachutes, before launching them with an egg attached - a messy but fun activity!



Year 5 have been focussing on factors and prime numbers in maths. The children have had to use their problem solving skills to work out which numbers are prime numbers and which numbers are composite numbers! In our music lessons, the children have been recreating Samba music!



Year 5 have settled into the new academic year really well. They are showing how pleased they are to be back with their classmates and have approached their learning with eagerness and enthusiasm. 

In English we have been learning to write a short narrative based on the book, Cosmic. We have been using a great variety of vocabulary and re-visiting sentence structure and punctuation to ensure our work is of the highest standard. We have also been doing lots of reading and are enjoying our class novel, Song of the Dolphin Boy. This novel links well with our Rivers and Coasts topic; so far we have been learning about The Water Cycle. 

We have enjoyed our PE lessons where we are developing our throwing and catching and batting skills in order that we can play rounders. It has also been lovely to spend some time on the school field while the weather has been fine.