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Letters Home



20-09-2019 Celebration Newsletter

13-09-2019 Newsletter

13-09-2019 Celebration Newsletter

Meet the teacher

NCMP pre-measurement


Home/School Communication Guide



FOSB Summer Fair

23-07-19 Newsletter

12-07-19 Celebration Newsletter

05-07-19 Celebration Newsletter

Staffing List 2019-2020

Staffing for next academic year 2019-2020

Year 1 Teachers for next academic year (2019-2020)



28-06-19 Celebration Newsletter

21-06-19 Celebration Newsletter

Diary Dates

14-06-19 Celebration Newsletter

07-06-19 Celebration Newsletter



24-05-19 Celebration Newsletter

Year R Trip to Kent Life

Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles

17-05-19 Celebration Newsletter

17-05-19 Newsletter

10-05-19 Celebration Newsletter

Yr 2 SATs

03-05-19 Celebration Newsletter



26-04-19 Celebration Newsletter

Diary Dates

05-04-19 Celebration Newsletter

05-04-19 Newsletter



29-03-19 Celebration Newsletter

Yr 2 Trip to Bedgebury

Yr 3 Trip to The River Medway

Diary Dates

22-03-19 Celebration Newsletter

22-03-19 Newsletter

Future bookings of School Clubs

15-03-19 Celebration Newsletter

Parents Communication Guide

Parents Conduct

Diary Dates

08-03-19 Celebration Newsletter

08-03-2019 Newsletter

Diary Dates

15-02-19 & 01-03-19 Celebration Newsletter



Diary Dates

15-02-2019 Newsletter

World Book Day

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) & Times Table Strategies Booklet

Term 4 After School Clubs

Diary Dates

08-02-19 Celebration Newsletter

Letter from Secretary of State for Education

Lockdown Procedures and Practice



18-01-19 & 25-01-19 Celebration Newsletter

Severe Snow / Ice plan for parents and families

Diary Dates

18-01-19 Newsletter

11-01-19 Celebration Newsletter

Diary Dates

04-01-19 Newsletter




FOSB Christmas Newsletter

07-12-18 Celebration Newsletter

EYFS Gate times

Carol Service Yrs 1-6 at All Saints Church



Diary Dates

30-11-18 Celebration Newsletter

Nursery Nativity

23-11-18 Celebration Newsletter

16-11-18 Celebration Newsletter

Diary Dates

09-11-18 Celebration Newsletter

Parents Consultations Term 2

StarBurst Drama Club Remembrance Parade

02-11-18 Celebration Newsletter



Parents Communication Guide

Dates for your diary

18-10-18 Newsletter

South Borough’s Award Winning Reading Initiative

Yr 2 Blue Teacher - Miss Newman

Car Parking

05-10-18 Newsletter



21-09-18 Newsletter

07-09-18 Letter from Mrs Olivier

07-09-18 Newsletter



Increased size of Year 2 cohort

13-07-18 Newsletter

Reception Superhero Dress up day and Graduation

Yr 3 and 4 Project Afternoon

Staffing for September 2018



29-06-18 Newsletter

15-06-18 Newsletter



25-05-18 Newsletter

11-05-18 Newsletter



27-04-18 Newsletter

Yr 3 Orienteering Trip to Mote Park

Yr R Trip to Port Lympne Reserve



Parent Forum Questionnaire

28-03-18 Newsletter

16-03-18 Newsletter

School car park

09-03-18 Newsletter



NHS Yr R Parent Letter - Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire

23-02-18 Newsletter

09-02-18 Newsletter

Ofsted Report

02-02-18 Newsletter



26-01-18 Newsletter

Yr 3 Trip Dover Museum - Change of date

19-01-18 Newsletter

Yr 3 Trip to Dover Museum

12-01-18 Newsletter

12-01-18 Mrs Melanophy

05-01-18 Newsletter




15-12-17 Newsletter

Severe Snow - Ice Plan for Parents and Families

08-12-17 Newsletter

Yr 4 Trip to Frankie & Benny's

01-12-17 Newsletter



Car Parking

24-11-17 Newsletter

17-11-17 Newsletter

10-11-17 Newsletter

03-11-17 Newsletter



20-10-17 Newsletter

FOSB Non-School Uniform Day

13-10-17 Newsletter

06-10-17 Newsletter



School Photographs


Yr 1 Trip to Kent Life

Yr 4 Trip to Kent Life

Home Reading initiative

22-09-17 Newsletter

Home Reading Books

15-09-17 Newsletter

08-09-17 Newsletter



Last day of term

20-07-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Drama Club – Art Day Performance

South Borough Sports Day 2017 feedback form

Yr 3 Trip to Mote Park

Art Show



Nursery Sports Day 2017 – Afternoon Children

Nursery Sports Day 2017 – Morning Children

Sports Day 2017

30-06-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Neverland Production

Yr 6 Kingswood reminders and information

Yr 6 Bikeability cycle training course

16-06-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Yr 3 Trip to Canterbury Christ Church University 

School Prefect's bowling trip



Yr 6 Kingswood Residential Trip & Yr 6 Kingswood Kit List

26-05-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Reception Open Morning 2017

Water Polo tournament for selected players

After School Clubs Term 6

Where is the Maths competition?

Yr 1 Phonics Screening Check

Yr 4 Walking Tour of Maidstone

12-05-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Yr 5 Project Presentation

Yr 5 Trip to Sky Studios

Workshops for Parents to Support Your Children's Learning



28-04-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Yr 3 Swimming Lessons

Yr 5 Sky Studios Display of Interest



31-03-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Car Park and Parking in Stagshaw Close

Healthy Pack Lunches

Yrs 1-6 Term 5 Clubs

Yr R Term 5 Clubs

Yr R Dance Club Free Trial

Yr 3 Harry Potter Day

FOSB - Mothers’ Day Afternoon Tea and Cakes

FOSB - Mothers’ Day gifts

17-03-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

Yr 1 and 2 Trip to Wingham Wildlife Park

Parents’ Consultations

Cinema and McDonalds - Year R Trip

03-03-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team



Parents Forum Meeting

Builders during half term

09-02-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team


27-01-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team

13-01-17 Letter to Parents by The School News Team