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Friends of South Borough

The Friends of South Borough is a voluntary group of parents and carers who organise and run fun events in the school, throughout the year, for the benefit of the children. 

All funds raised from the events are used for the benefit of the children, for example, we are currently working with the school to support the sensory garden project.

Events we have organised in the past include:

  • Summer Fayre where we had a number of exciting stalls involving all school years and performances from our drama and football clubs.
  • Mother’s day and Father’s day related events including allowing children to purchase a small gift for their parent/carer.
  • Easter egg hunt.
  • Christmas ‘Soup with Santa’ event, where we had a small number of stalls; children had the opportunity to meet Santa and we had performances from the singing and drama clubs.

FOSB Volunteers
    Lisa King - Chair        Anna Costello-Mannering - Admin

Linda Parkin - Treasurer        John Parkin - Volunteer

Minutes from our meetings and a list of planned events for the year are posted on the school website. Please refer to the most recent diary of events (Appendix 2) below, for a full list of planned future events. We are always looking for new volunteers to join the FOSB and support the exciting work we are involved with. If you are interested and have any spare free time, please leave your name and contact details at the school office.



26-02-2018 Minutes


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06-03-2017 Minutes
06-03-2017 Appendix 2




21-11-2016 Minutes
21-11-2016 Appendix 1
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10-10-2016 Minutes
10-10-2016 Appendix 1
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19-09-2016 Minutes
19-09-2016 Appendix 1
19-09-2016 Appendix 2