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Parents Information

Parents are welcomed into the school. Many parents either work at our school or assist the teaching staff on a voluntary basis.

Parents help with reading, specialised curricular activities, educational visits, school clubs, school events, making resources, school projects and in supporting the work of our breakfast club. 

Social events are regularly organised by parents (‘Friends of South Borough’) and, as a result of the funds raised, the school can provide additional resources and equipment for the benefit of pupils.  

The school employs a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), who is always willing to meet with parents or carers about their children. One of the key roles of a SENCO is to help create a Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy which will ultimately improve the standard of education for pupils with SEN.

The SENCO works with the whole school to try and promote inclusion for pupils with SEN. 'Inclusion' refers to including all pupils (both those with and without SEN) in the educational opportunities and activities available in a mainstream school. It also promotes the principle of treating all pupils equally and fairly, whatever their educational needs may be.

The SENCO will meet with parents and will help children receive the necessary support they need in order to make progress. The SENCO will make referrals to outside agencies where appropriate and will attend appointments with parents upon request. The SENCO will have to oversee and be involved in transition periods that a pupil with SEN will go through as they move up through primary school and into secondary school.

The named SENCO for South Borough Primary School is Rachael Fulcher and she can be contacted on 01622752161.


Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings and Reports

Consultation meetings are held twice a year. In term 2 parents/carers have a chance to discuss how their child has settled into the new class, their child’s learning targets for the future, any areas of concern and the teacher's future planning in this respect.

In term 4, parents/carers can examine their child’s progress from the classwork available and can discuss learning targets and planned activities for the remainder of the year.

In term 6, parents/carers will receive a written report on their child's overall performance throughout the year. Parents/carers are invited to respond to the contents of this report.

On other occasions, should any problems arise concerning the welfare or progress of their child, parents/carers can contact the school office. Teachers, the SENCO or members of staff are willing to meet parents/carers at a mutually convenient time. Please telephone the office who can pass on any concerns or write to the school for an appointment. When matters are more pressing, parents/carers are always welcome in the school but may need to wait a little while to be seen.