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Curriculum Newsletter

Long Term Overview

Celebration of Work


This week has been a very busy one in Reception! We have been rehearsing for our Nativity ready for our performances next week to our parents/carers.



In Reception classes Green and Red we have been reading the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. We have discussed the characters and the setting in the story.

In the role play area we have acted as the Gruffalo and the other characters.

In the creative and messy areas we have made our own pictures and models of characters and setting from the story. We have constructed our own settings using construction materials such as Lego and building blocks.

In Mathematics, we have focused on the weight of objects. We have been learning the words heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter and lightest. We have used our hands as scales to compare the weight of two different objects. Using different objects, we have then put them into weight order- heaviest to lightest, or lightest to heaviest.

In Phonics, we have focused on the following sounds; h, b, f, l, ss. Please practise saying and writing the sounds. We have also started to learn about tricky words (we cannot sound these words out)! We looked at the and to. At home you could practise the initial sounds in words and orally blend with your child. For example, a for apple, b for ball/ c-a-t, s-u-n, c-oa-t, b-oo-k. 



Since returning back after half term, in Reception we have been busy learning about "Leaf Man" and "Stick Man". We have looked at the different features of the Autumn and what happen to the trees and the leaves, how they change colour and fall off the trees. We have used our imagination and creativity to make models of the main characters in the story and recreations of their settings. We have also begun phonics and Maths. In phonics we have enjoyed learning new sounds and having a go at writing them in different media such as sand, flour, oats, soap and even on paper! In Maths we have been counting objects and looking at numbers, in addition ordering size and length and comparing the characters within the stories.





Early Years Foundation Stage celebrated Harvest Festival with an assembly on Thursday 11th October. In honour of our theme ‘Rainbow,’ Reception and Nursery classes performed the song, “I can sing a rainbow,” remembering their words and actions very well! As well as this, children presented their hard work over the last couple of weeks to fellow pupils and staff. After learning about topic stories ‘Elmer’ and ‘The Tiger who came to tea’, children produced fantastic pieces, such as their very own individual Elmer art creations, junk modelling tigers and houses constructed using lolly sticks. It was a lovely occasion to share and celebrate children’s efforts and achievements as a phase. Additionally, it was a pleasant surprise to be joined by Angela, from Maidstone Day Centre, who spoke to the children about homelessness. Angela informed all of us about the impact of homelessness and how their donations will go far for many in the homeless community. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to parents across Reception and Nursery for their generous contributions.




In Reception Green and Red classes we have been reading the story of 'Elmer'. We have made stick puppets of the characters in the story. Using our stick puppets, hand puppets and masks, we have role played the story. On the messy tables we have been very creative by drawing, painting and using different materials to make pictures from the story. In the construction area we have made the different characters and settings from the story using Lego, small and big building blocks, and Duplo. We have discussed how everyone is different and special, just like Elmer. Reception children have been amazing with attending full school days! Well done Green and Red classes!




During the first two weeks, in Reception Red and Green, children have settled in really well. We have been busy learning about the new routines, the new environment and exploring both indoors and outdoors. Also we have learnt what resources are available to support our learning and meeting our new friends in both classes. On Monday it was our first day having lunch at school, we enjoyed going to the hall, choosing our dinner and eating our food. We are learning to be independent by putting our cutlery and plate away when we finish. Now we are ready to start our full time adventure at school.