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Celebration of Work

Reception children came back with lots of confidence and enthusiasm after the Christmas break. We are very impressed by how hard they are working alongside enjoying their learning at school. This week we have been learning about numbers 6 to 10 and finding different ways of making these numbers using various manipulatives. Last week, we planted our own seeds of dinosaurs after reading the story, 'How to grow a dinosaur.' We have also looked at how the seeds grow into a plant. This week we read, ‘The dinosaur who pooped a planet' and have written and illustrated our own stories with different plots and endings. This week, we have been challenging ourselves by doing different activities that we would not normally do and solving problems.

Green class:



Red class:



This week we have been reading 'The Little Red Hen'. This is a story about a hen who is very hard working. One sunny morning, she finds some grains of wheat and asks her friend’s dog, cat and a rat for help to plant the seeds with her. However, all of them denied her saying, “Not I.” So, the Little Red Hen said, “Then I will do it by myself.” At the end of the story, when she bakes bread and asks her friends, “Who is going to help me eat this bread?” All of the animals shouted, “Me! Me! Me!” Guess what the Hen said and did?



Children have been tasting different types of bread for their snack. Edward said, “It smells really delicious”, when he tried the rye bread. Some of them tried it with blackcurrant jam.


In Maths, we have learned to find one more than a given number using different objects such as blocks, Numicon, five frames and counting objects. For Literacy, we had a go at creating our own story map of the Little Red Hen.

Enjoying our P.E. lesson:




Remembrance Parade - Reception Green Class​


Reception children have easily got back into the routine and are really doing well with their learning. We have started phonics and maths this term. In phonics we are learning phase 2 sounds and in maths we have learned to sort objects based on their types, sizes, shapes and colours. We have also been learning about numerals from 1 to 5 and representing these numerals in different possible ways. In PE, we have been learning to balance bean bags on our body parts. We are also learning to catch and throw bean bags carefully.




In Reception this week we have been learning about the book 'Peace at Last'. As the story happens at night we have been discussing about the different parts of the day, talking about activities that we do during the morning and daytime and also activities that we do during the evening and nighttime. We have used different resources to make beds for Mrs Bear, Mr Bear and Baby Bear. We have also been comparing bear size and ordering the bears according to their size.

On Wednesday we attended our first assembly. It was Harvest assembly and we really enjoyed it. We also performed our poem, "Chop Chop" in front of the whole school, which was a bit scary, but we were super brave. Thanks to everybody for your donations.


04/10/2019 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt performed by Green Class


03/10/2019 - National Poetry Day
Reception classes have been learning to recite two different poems. Take a look at us performing ‘Chop Chop’ and ‘Pointy Hat’ on National Poetry Day.

Chop Chop

Pointy Hat


Reception children are continuing to explore and learn different things this week. Although the weather has not been as great as last week, children have taken this as a good opportunity to explore indoor learning areas and resources in greater depth. 

This week, our core text was, 'A Tiger who came to tea.`  This story is about a little girl called, Sophie who has an impromptu visit from a tiger for tea. The tiger invites himself for tea, who eats and drinks all he can find in the house, leaving nothing for Sophie's family for supper. Children have been pretending to have tea with the tiger in the role play area alongside their peers. They have also made some shopping lists for Sophie and her mum and made a plateful of tiger food. Some children have enjoyed making tiger masks, tiger puppets using lolly sticks and writing an invitation for a tea party.

Reception children have also started their PE lessons this week. Children are trying their best to get changed on their own and will strive to get better every time.






A very warm welcome to everyone!

The children are settling into the Reception class routine and are working really hard. It has been lovely observing their friendships develop, as they explore the classroom and access the resources. We are looking forward to helping them learn and grow as they play and explore together.


We are currently observing and assessing the children to find out what they already know, understand and can do, to enable us to plan effectively for each child's learning needs.