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13/07/2018 - This week, Reception Classes have been learning about the story 'Super Daisy' by Kes Gray.

Planet Earth is in danger! It is on a collision course with Planet Pea. If the planets crash then Planet Pea will explode into a 'gazillionpillionkillion' peas, and that means only one thing...there will be peas with everything! The fate of dinner times world-wide rests with Super Daisy. 

All three classes have been learning about full stops, exclamation marks, commas and speech marks. We have had discussions about the story setting, characters, the illustrator and the author. We have also enjoyed role-playing 'Superheroes' and solving problems linked to our Mathematics challenges.


29/06.2018 - Superheroes:

This week Reception classes have been learning about the book ‘Supertato’.

We have been busy creating repeating patterns using potato printing techniques, designing Mr Potatoes head’s facial features and clothing. We have been focusing on the time; O’clock, for when it reaches midnight things start to happen in the supermarket. The best thing of all, children have been searching high and low for that ‘Evil Pea’ around the Early Years provision!


08/06/2018 - This week Reception classes have been learning about the story of 'Superworm'.

Superworm is long and strong and he's a real hero as far as all of his insect friends are concerned. He always comes to the rescue when they're is trouble. When Baby Toad is in danger of being run over on a major road, he turns himself into a lasso and scoops the baby away from the oncoming wheels.

In Mathematics, we have been learning about sharing, halving and doubling quantity; using super worm as a starting point.

During messy play activities reception have been learning using play-dough worms; comparing different lengths, they have made masks using paints, scissors and sequins to decorate them, power armbands out of kitchen rolls, shields from paper plates, and superhero hand prints with badges and capes. A busy start to term 6!


11/05/2018 - The topic in Reception this term is ‘Transport’. The children had an exciting experience on Wednesday when they were welcomed with two cars on the school playground – one old, the other new.

An automobile enthusiast – Andy, brought in a Ford Model T to show the children, whilst the other car brought in by Miss Callaghan was of a modern design, a Mazda MX-5. The children had the opportunity to ask questions to the owners, draw the cars and discuss the differences between them.

Vikki from Rangers Equine Transport and her horse called Ranger showed the children that vehicles do not just transport people, they can also transport animals! Nicky also joined us from Downs Farm Trust – a rehabilitation home for horses in Yalding. She brought along her horse named Marcie.

Our book this week ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ by John Burningham, is all about transporting animals.


27/04/2018 - Choo choo! All aboard!

Our theme/topic this term is transport - we have been learning about the book ‘The train ride’ by June Crebbin. We have role played at being ticket conductors, train drivers and passengers. We have made and bought tickets using 1p and 2p coins. We have used junk to create trains and carriages.


16/03/2018 - This week in Early Years we have been reading the story called ‘The Ugly Five’. We have been writing about the ugly five animals from the story. When the ugly five went missing we made posters and described how they looked. On the messy table we have been making our own animal masks and painting pictures from the story. In Mathematics we have been turning 2D flat shapes into 3D fat shapes using our magic powers. We have learned about the 3D shapes; cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, cone and sphere.


09/02/2018 - We have been learning about the story of 'Mr Wolf's pancakes' by Jan Fearnly.

Mr. Wolf has his sights on something a bit tastier - pancakes. Mr Wolf hasn't the first idea how to cook them and he has trouble reading the Wolf It Down Recipe Book. ​Mr. Wolf seeks assistance from his neighbours, but Chicken Licken, Wee Willy Winkie, the Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs all nastily refuse. Of course, when Mr. Wolf eventually whips up the pancakes all by himself, they demand a share of his culinary creation. Mr. Wolf, seemingly forgiving, lets the marauders into the kitchen and then gobbles them all up, with pancakes on the side.

Reception pupils have been persevering, writing their shopping lists, looking at the characters within the book (terrible neighbours) also the story setting (the village), role-playing the story using masks and selecting topping for our pancakes. In maths we have been halving and sharing pancakes with Mr Wolf and Chicken Licken.



26/01/2018 - In Reception this week, we have been learning about ‘Handa's Hen’ following last week’s story ‘Handa's Surprise’. As there are different animals in the story we have used them to support our Maths, learning counting and adding them. In Green class, we have been writing about all the animals in the story and their features. In Blue class, we have been making animal prints and using a range of techniques to recreate the setting of the story. In Red class, we have been "inventors" using the junk modelling to create our own things such as bags or musical instruments, among other interesting things.


12/01/2018 - In reception we have been reading the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have learnt that when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly it is called metamorphosis. In blue class we have been getting messy making caterpillars using paint and potatoes. We have also made our own masks for the characters; caterpillar and butterfly. In green class we have been role playing the story using our masks. We have also been ordering caterpillar numbers to ten. In red class we have being drawing and painting pictures from the story. We have made butterflies by painting and folding paper in half.


8/12/2017 - This week, the Early Years Foundation Stage have been reading a book called 'Father Christmas Needs A Wee'.

At each different house that he visits around the World, Father Christmas drinks and eats all the goodies left out for him. Before long he really, really needs a wee. So much so that he even forgets to leave the presents behind. But he dashes back, delivers all the pressies and flies home at high speed to avoid an embarrassing accident . . . there's just one tiny problem . . . he's lost his house key!

Reception have been matching numerals to quantity. In addition, Reception classes have been looking at different homes from around the World, which ties in with our Nativity 'Christmas In Different Languages' (How the Robin got his red chest). Children in the early years have been designing and making Christmas cards, baking biscuits and practising songs and words for their Nativity.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Parents and Carers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mrs Hunt, Miss Walker and Mr Blanco.


24/11/2017 - This week in mathematics reception have learnt about weight. We have been describing weight using the words heavy, light, heavier, lighter, heaviest and lightest. Using bags and presents we have estimated whether the objects would be heavy or light. Sometimes we were unsure about which object was heavier or lighter so we used our hands as scales to help. We also ordered the objects from heaviest to lightest.



10/11/2017 - Reception pupils have been learning about the story of ‘Stick Man’.

The three Reception classes listened to the Author ‘Julia Donaldson’ read her story on YouTube. The children discussed the different characters and the setting where the story takes place.

Standing next to the family tree are; Scarlett, Ellie-May, Bonnie and Inna who made a Stick Man of their very own.


13/10/2017 - Last week the children in early years were learning about Elmer and his many colours in his patchwork body. This week reception classes continued to learn about patterns, colours and shapes, in particular stripes (two colour repeating pattern). With this in mind, the story about a tiger who came to tea was the perfect choice of book for pupils to focus upon.


29/09/2017 - This week we have been reading the story 'Elmer' written by David McKee.

The Elmer story explores the themes and issues relating to the concept of diversity, as Elmer discovers that when he tries to change his appearance in order to 'blend in' with the other elephants, they no longer recognise him, or accept him as one of their own. This makes Elmer sad, and he experiences how it feels to be treated like an outcast.

We have been talking about being different and that it is ok for us all not to look the same. Children have been exploring feelings, different colours, shape and size.


15/09/2017 - Our Reception classes are beginning to settle really well in the mornings, some of us are also even attending for lunch and afternoon sessions. This week, we have been reading the story, "Going to school," ​by Anne Civardi. We have been talking about our daily school routine and the class/school rules.

In Red Class, we have been learning about where we live and homes that we live in. We have been practising our fine motor skills and stretching our imagination skills by drawing and colouring our homes - we have displayed them on our boards - if you would like to come and have a look. We have been practising our cutting skills, using scissors and glue to design our homes.

In Blue class we have painted self portraits onto paper plates, we have been thinking about the variety of colours we use for skin tone, colour eyes and hair also our unique features of our faces.

In Green class, we have been painting our hands and feet, we washed our own hands and feet - independent self-care, when needing help we have shown confidence in asking for support. Alongside the activities, we have been discussing kind hands and feet used in school.