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Curriculum Newsletter

Long Term Overview


On Friday 19th July 2019 we are having a party to celebrate our amazing effort in Reception. We are going to play games, dance and eat! Please can you provide your child/ren with a plate or lunchbox with healthy foods to them to eat on the Friday (19th). If you require a paper plate, please let a member of the EYFS team know. Many Thanks, Miss Walker and Mr Blanco.  


Celebration of Work


Reception classes have read the stories of 'The Dinosaur who Pooped a Planet' and 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We have discussed the characters and settings from the story by using descriptive language. We have been very imaginative with our own endings to the stories! During carpet sessions we have also looked at the planets in our solar system. On the messy table we have been creative with our pictures and models by using different resources. We have reflected on our creations and thought about how to improve them. In Mathematics, we have been securing our knowledge of numbers to twenty and ordering them. This week we have been carrying out activities for doubling and sharing.



This week in Reception we are learning about the story 'How the Tiger got his Stripes'. We have been looking at different jungle animals and the different patterns on their skins. We had a go at making our own patterns using a variety of materials and resources. We also have been creating our own animal masks and then role-playing with them.

This week we have had an arrival into Reception and now we have 10 tiny caterpillars which need to be looked after to hopefully turn into butterflies. We will keep looking at them to observe how they change and once they become butterflies, we will let them free. 

In Maths we have been looking at one more and one less and counting onwards and backwards. We have also practiced counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.



In Early Years this week we have been very busy learning about Police Officers and the job they do to help the community. We have enjoyed role playing Police Officers - some of the children were ‘breaking’ the rules in the classroom and we needed the Police to help us. Some of the children enjoyed coming into our 'pretend' jail. We have also been looking at different 'crime scenes' searching for clues. We have enjoyed writing 'wanted' posters, police reports and lists with the different clues found in the class. We have also used our creativity and imagination to make our own Police Officer equipment using different materials and junk modelling and then used them to support our role play. In Mathematics we have been looking at numbers up to 20 and ordering them, and also counting in 2s and estimating.



Our new topic this term is, 'People Who Help Us'. We have looked at the stories of Busy People; 'Teachers' and 'Doctors'. We have been role playing fantastically well as teachers and doctors. In our classes we have discussed the role of these jobs and the resources needed to support daily tasks. In Mathematics we have looked at different 3D shapes and their properties (edges, faces and vertices) and ordering different measurements such as size, length, capacity and weight. We have been labelling and writing sentences about our pictures using our phonetic knowledge. We are very proud of the children walking by themselves to the classrooms from the gate.



This week in Reception we have been reading Mr Gumpy's Motor Car. We have carried on talking and learning new things about transport. We have looked at traffic signs and driving licences and had a go making our own. Then we have been using them to support our role play both indoors and outdoors, especially in the bike area.

In the story, poor Mr Gumpy and the animals got stuck in the mud. We have discussed about how mud is created and decided to make some using water and soil from the garden. We have used it to role play the story and to cook some delicious mud recipes in our mud kitchen. (We didn't eat it, just pretended!)

As the car in the story got really messy, we thought that Mr Gumpy had to wash it, we decided to wash our bikes and scooters too, so we created a car wash.

We also had World Book Day on Thursday and we all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing our favourite stories with our friends. What a busy week we've had!



In Reception Green and Red this week we have been learning about the story Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose. We have been busy learning a song about the story, we have also looked at rhyming in the story and have come up with our own rhyming strings. On the creative tables we have been creating animals and masks using paper plates and other resources as well as painting pictures from the story. We have also role played the story, making sure that we made enough food for greedy goose.

In Mathematics we have been learning about subtraction and using different resources to take away such as Numicon, multi-link cubes and play dough.


In Reception we care about the environment and we are aware of how much paper is wasted in schools. We have discussed about where the paper comes from and how important trees are for us. We have also talked about the "3 R's" (Reduce, reuse and recycle) and we are putting them in place in both classes. We have been saving the paper that we couldn't use and we have used it to make our own new paper.



It has been an exciting process. Firstly, we had to rip the paper, then leave it to soak for a couple of days, after that we blended our mixture and made our paper sheets. Finally, we let it dry and now is time to enjoy writing and drawing on it.




In Reception Green and Red this week we have been learning about the story "Lima's Red Hot Chili Pepper". We have used our different senses to explore the food. Firstly we touched it, without seeing it, to describe how it felt and see whether we could guess what food it was. Then we looked at it, to describe how it looked like. Finally, our favourite part, we tasted the food. We've tried mango, coconut, ice-cream, jelly, milk, samosas and some of us were very brave and tried the hot chillies. Luckily we didn't have fireworks coming out of our mouth as Lima does in the story!

We have also been busy writing about the food that we liked and what we didn't and how it felt and tasted. In the creative tables we have made some firework pictures using different media and resources. In the role play area we have been acting out the story.

In Mathematics, we have been learning about 3D shapes and we have used our magic powers to turn the 2D "flat" shapes into 3D "fat" shapes. We have also looked at the different shapes in the environment and where we can find these shapes in real life (cube, cuboid, pyramid, cone, cylinder, and sphere).



In Reception we have been reading the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have made paper chain caterpillars (counting how long they are), painted pictures from the story, and we have got messy with different foods to find sounds and read words. In Mathematics, we have been using Numicom and building cubes to help us with counting and matching them to numerals. We have drawn pictures from the story and labelled them using the first sound in words or using sound talking to write words. Well done Reception classes!



This week has been a very busy one in Reception! We have been rehearsing for our Nativity ready for our performances next week to our parents/carers.



In Reception classes Green and Red we have been reading the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. We have discussed the characters and the setting in the story.

In the role play area we have acted as the Gruffalo and the other characters.

In the creative and messy areas we have made our own pictures and models of characters and setting from the story. We have constructed our own settings using construction materials such as Lego and building blocks.

In Mathematics, we have focused on the weight of objects. We have been learning the words heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter and lightest. We have used our hands as scales to compare the weight of two different objects. Using different objects, we have then put them into weight order- heaviest to lightest, or lightest to heaviest.

In Phonics, we have focused on the following sounds; h, b, f, l, ss. Please practise saying and writing the sounds. We have also started to learn about tricky words (we cannot sound these words out)! We looked at the and to. At home you could practise the initial sounds in words and orally blend with your child. For example, a for apple, b for ball/ c-a-t, s-u-n, c-oa-t, b-oo-k. 



Since returning back after half term, in Reception we have been busy learning about "Leaf Man" and "Stick Man". We have looked at the different features of the Autumn and what happen to the trees and the leaves, how they change colour and fall off the trees. We have used our imagination and creativity to make models of the main characters in the story and recreations of their settings. We have also begun phonics and Maths. In phonics we have enjoyed learning new sounds and having a go at writing them in different media such as sand, flour, oats, soap and even on paper! In Maths we have been counting objects and looking at numbers, in addition ordering size and length and comparing the characters within the stories.





Early Years Foundation Stage celebrated Harvest Festival with an assembly on Thursday 11th October. In honour of our theme ‘Rainbow,’ Reception and Nursery classes performed the song, “I can sing a rainbow,” remembering their words and actions very well! As well as this, children presented their hard work over the last couple of weeks to fellow pupils and staff. After learning about topic stories ‘Elmer’ and ‘The Tiger who came to tea’, children produced fantastic pieces, such as their very own individual Elmer art creations, junk modelling tigers and houses constructed using lolly sticks. It was a lovely occasion to share and celebrate children’s efforts and achievements as a phase. Additionally, it was a pleasant surprise to be joined by Angela, from Maidstone Day Centre, who spoke to the children about homelessness. Angela informed all of us about the impact of homelessness and how their donations will go far for many in the homeless community. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to parents across Reception and Nursery for their generous contributions.




In Reception Green and Red classes we have been reading the story of 'Elmer'. We have made stick puppets of the characters in the story. Using our stick puppets, hand puppets and masks, we have role played the story. On the messy tables we have been very creative by drawing, painting and using different materials to make pictures from the story. In the construction area we have made the different characters and settings from the story using Lego, small and big building blocks, and Duplo. We have discussed how everyone is different and special, just like Elmer. Reception children have been amazing with attending full school days! Well done Green and Red classes!




During the first two weeks, in Reception Red and Green, children have settled in really well. We have been busy learning about the new routines, the new environment and exploring both indoors and outdoors. Also we have learnt what resources are available to support our learning and meeting our new friends in both classes. On Monday it was our first day having lunch at school, we enjoyed going to the hall, choosing our dinner and eating our food. We are learning to be independent by putting our cutlery and plate away when we finish. Now we are ready to start our full time adventure at school.