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Year 1

Green Class

Teacher: Mrs Gurung

Red Class

Teacher: Mrs Hunt

Blue Class

Teacher: Miss Ballard

Curriculum Newsletter

Celebration of Work


Year 1 have been listening to medieval dance music, discussing it as a class and with our talking partners. We have been role playing by dancing in a circle and reviewing and writing an evaluation - comparing it to the music of the Queen’s marching band which we listened to in our previous music lesson.



Year 1 have been working very hard on their phonics screening check. The teaching team are incredibly proud of the amazing progress and attainment we have seen this week as well as fantastic perseverance and bravery. 

In our science lessons, we made a medieval trebuchet and investigated how we could make our cannonballs reach further. The children loved exploring and beating their previous throw.



Last week, Will from Chelsea came into school and taught Year 1 class several warm up activities, skills and valuable techniques required to play football. The children have really enjoyed participating in the fun-filled activities. 






Year 1 were quietly getting on with their English lessons when Mrs Samways burst in to tell us that an alien space craft had landed in our outside classroom! We have thoroughly investigated the crash site and Sumant said, "I think Beegu has come back to visit us!" 

Beegu is the alien from a story we have been reading in class. We are now eager to write a newspaper report to explain everything that has happened.



Term 4 started with much zest and excitement for year 1 as the topic for this term is space. We also visited the Maidstone Museum the first week we were back. Then we took off with a very well-loved book called 'Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartran and based most of our learning around the book.



For Maths, we learnt about telling the time and drawing the time on an analogue clock. For English, we started off with diary writing and then moved on to write our own new chapter for the book. We all came up with some interesting and amusing twists and turns in our new chapter. For PSHE, we looked at a book called, 'The Last Stop on Market Street' and learnt about our British Values. 

For World Book Day, we all dressed up as our favourite characters from our favourite books. We all shared the stories we love and talked about why we liked the story or the characters. 





We have been learning about using non-standard and standard units of measurement to measure the length and heights of the objects. We have been trying our best to use the correct mathematical vocabularies such as taller, shorter, longer, smaller, smallest, shortest, tallest, longest to compare the lengths and heights of the different objects.





In English, we have been learning to write a set of instructions. In PE, we performed a dance routine and retold the story of Dinosaur Rompus.

We also presented out projects to our class.



This week, Year 1 have been learning about how to write a letter and postcards to River, thanking him for bring in his rodents and reptiles last week.



Year 1 have been practising and using all the features of writing a letter i.e writing an address and starting a letter with Dear or To. We have also learnt to use correct punctuation, such as finger spaces, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks, full stops and commas. Well done Year 1 Classes!



In Art, children learned about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and to celebrate the year of the pig, they made their own little piggies with pink salt dough! They all look very cute!





In Maths Year 1 have been learning about place value; tens and ones and partitioning numbers i.e. 64 (60+4) same as six tens and four ones.


In English Year 1 have been learning to identify rhyming words in poems and rhymes and writing our own rhyming couplets.

In Art this week and next, we are going to make dinosaurs eggs using clay and dinosaur nests using salt dough - watch this space!!

In computing children have been sorting technological equipment we use in schools and at home, from non-technological everyday objects.



This week Year 1 have been learning about number fact families in Maths. We have learnt that subtraction and addition are related to one another.

In English, Year 1 have been writing a set of Instructions on how to make stain glass window biscuits. Using their instructions, the children were able to make and cook their very own biscuit.



During our Maths lessons this week Year 1 Classes have been learning about Subtraction. We have been looking at the different kinds of terminology we use, to help us understand the subtraction rules and to write subtraction number sentence; e.g. take away, minus, less than, to know what is left, to break apart the total.



We had a great start to term 2. We have been reading 'The Pirate-Cruncher' and we are using some amazing adjectives in our character and setting description. In Maths, we started off recapping our learning from last term. This week, we started to look at addition using the part whole models. We are still continuing to learn to count forwards and backwards accurately and matching numerals with the right quantities. In Geography, we learned about the United Kingdom and its four countries and we also looked at the directions. In RE, we read the story of how Diwali, a festival of lights started and made and decorated our own Diva Lamps.

We had a very exciting science lesson this week where we identified and made our own weather measuring devices. We will be watching the weather daily and make recordings.






Year 1's First Field Trip by Safal, Alice and Richie:

We are learning about our local area so we went out for a walk to look around. We walked in partners straight up Postley Road and through the black gate to South Park. We safely crossed over the road and went to the playground.  We used our maths skills of counting to see how many buildings there were. We saw about a hundred houses and a hockey pitch.



Year 1 have been very busy with our learning. We enjoyed reading Dr Xargle's Book of Earthlets and writing descriptive sentences in English. We also learned to join clauses using 'and'. In Maths, we have looked at comparing sets of objects as well as comparing numbers. In science, we carried out a simple investigation of finding out whether the oldest person was always the tallest. We fount out that this was not the case all the time. In PSHE, we looked at different types of emotions and feelings at different times. In music, we continued to explore different types of body percussion.





Mrs Hunt, Mrs Gurung, Miss Ballard and the team welcome you to Year 1 Red, Green and Blue class' learning page. Children have settled back in to school life well, exploring their new classrooms and building relationships with each other as well as the teaching staff.

In Maths this week, Year 1 classes have been learning to count accurately from zero to twenty using a variety of objects, ensuring quantities match the numerals correctly. The children have also worked hard in Maths sorting different items in to groups, such as: colour, shape, size, media and materials.


In English this week, Year 1 classes have been learning about what a sentences is - including the use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our sentences.

A great start for Term 1!