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Year 1

Green Class

Teacher: Mrs Gurung

Red Class

Teacher: Mrs LeCount

Curriculum Newsletter

Celebration of Work

8/12/2017 - This week the children in Year 1 were very proud to perform the song they have been learning to Year 2. They used instruments to mimic the sounds of the different transport. 

Year 2 (and the staff) thought we did a good job!


1/12/2017 - This week was a fantastic week for Year 1! We brought in our bikes and scooters and of course our helmets to the school for an experience day. We completed an obstacle course on our bikes and scooters. Then we had a race on our bikes and scooters with our friends. ​It was a very exciting and a fun day! Next we had to write about our experience day in a recount using time adverbials and amazing adjectives.



In Maths we learned how to solve word problems. In Science, we looked at how to identify appropriate materials to make things. In History, we have learned about the invention of the airplane. In Computing we learned how to take and edit photographs. Some of these pictures on the newsletter are taken by the children using a Tuff Camera. In Religious Education, we looked at how people celebrate Christmas and we have practiced singing Christmas songs for our Christingle Service.


10/11/2017 - We have been very busy learning about new things based on our Transport Topic. In English, we are learning to write a story in sequence using time adverbials. In maths, we started off the term by looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.


We have been using shapes to create models of transport. We have also been learning to write numbers in words in Maths. In science, we are learning about different kinds of materials and doing experiments to identify the properties of the materials. In PE, we are experimenting with dancing with objects and pretending to dance with them. We are using our body movements and the objects to create some shapes.  In Art, we are learning about Kandinsky’s concentric shapes. We are also learning to sing songs related to the transport in our music lesson.



29/09/2017 - In year 1, we have been learning about addition using different concrete and pictorial methods such as part whole models, Numicons, numberline, counters.

In English, we have been learning to follow instructions and write set of simple instructions through the story ‘A squash and a Squeeze’. We are also learning about different kinds of common animals and grouping them based on their different features in science.


15/09/2017 - The children have settled really well into Year 1 and have been enjoying taking part in learning new things.

We have learned the story of The Little Red Hen and we wore masks and acted it out. 

In maths we have been using a new resource called Numicon. It helps us to recognise numbers and we can use it alongside other resources like tens frames and double sided counters.


Mrs LeCount, Mrs Gurung and the Year 1 team are so impressed with how independent the children are being in their new Year 1 classrooms.