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Celebration of Work


Since returning back after half term, in Nursery we have been busy learning about "Leaf Man" and "Stick Man". We have looked at the different features of the Autumn and what happen to the trees and the leaves, how they change colour and fall off the trees. We have used our imagination and creativity to make models of the main characters in the story and recreations of their settings. We have also begun phonics and Maths. In phonics we have enjoyed learning new sounds and having a go at writing them in different media such as sand, flour, oats, soap and even on paper! In Maths we have been counting objects and looking at numbers.



In nursery we have been reading the story, 'The tiger who came to tea.' On our messy table, we have been creating tiger models using junk modelling, paint, googly eyes and PVA glue.

We have also been mark making tiger stripes in our writing area, with pencils, crayons, felt tips and sand in the tuff spot. Our discovery area has contained hidden tiger numbers wobbling around in jelly; we have been trying to say the numbers we find.

During carpet time, there has been much discussion over our favourite meals to eat at dinner time and what we think the tiger would like to eat if he came round to our homes! In our construction area, we have been busy building rooms from our homes such as a kitchen, living room and bedroom using duplo and wooden blocks.


Early Years Foundation Stage celebrated Harvest Festival with an assembly on Thursday 11th October. In honour of our theme ‘Rainbow,’ Reception and Nursery classes performed the song, “I can sing a rainbow,” remembering their words and actions very well! As well as this, children presented their hard work over the last couple of weeks to fellow pupils and staff. After learning about topic stories ‘Elmer’ and ‘The Tiger who came to tea’, children produced fantastic pieces, such as their very own individual Elmer art creations, junk modelling tigers and houses constructed using lolly sticks. It was a lovely occasion to share and celebrate children’s efforts and achievements as a phase. Additionally, it was a pleasant surprise to be joined by Angela, from Maidstone Day Centre, who spoke to the children about homelessness. Angela informed all of us about the impact of homelessness and how their donations will go far for many in the homeless community. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to parents across Reception and Nursery for their generous contributions.



This week in nursery we have been reading the story, 'Elmer,' by David McKee. Through Elmer, we have been learning about colour, patterns and animals. Whilst also celebrating our many different personalities in the nursery! In our Maths tuff spot, we have been mixing coloured dye with flour and water to explore what happens when all our mixed together. Our role play area has been transformed into a zoo, where we can pretend to sell each other zoo tickets and animal toys. On our messy table, we have been creating our very own Elmer. It has been exciting to explore the textures of a range of materials, such as felt, pencils, sequins, glitter, paint and colourful squares. All Elmers were unique in their own way and once again reflecting our wonderful different likes and interests in the nursery.



It has been a busy to start to the year for nursery! As well as establishing routines in the classroom, we have been forming friendships, learning to share resources and getting creative in our outside area. During snack time, we are now able to choose which fruit we would like to eat and independently take our milk. We are learning to throw our rubbish in the bin afterwards. We have settled into nursery life extremely well and are looking forward to the exciting journey ahead of us.