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Celebration of Work

In Nursery we have been very busy with the story of, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. In Mathematics, we have compared different sizes of big, medium and small. We have used everyday objects to compare sizes.


We also have used the interactive whiteboard to compare and match sizes to the right sized bear.


We have discussed one of the five senses – taste. We have been brave when trying new foods. We have eaten porridge, biscuits, cranberries, lemons and limes.



Nursery have loved the story of, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.  We have joined in with the actions and repeating words from the story. On the carpet we have drawn our favourite part of the story.

In the messy area, we have made our own bear masks and stick puppets using different materials. We have counted bears and sorted them by colour and size in our Mathematics area. Outside, we have been going on our own bear hunt whilst singing the phrases from the story. To our surprise, Mrs Nevis was the bear!


We have read and talked about the story of 'Owl Babies'. In the messy area we have made pictures from the story using different resources. We have counted twigs and feathers in the discovery area. We have drawn pictures about the story and our families using different writing materials such as pencils, pens, crayons and chalks.


Miss Walker and Mrs Nevis are very proud of all the Nursery children. They have settled brilliantly into Nursery. Well done!

We have been exploring our new learning environments and accessing new resources. We have been learning new routines of singing our welcome song, looking at the calendar, tidying away and getting ready for home.