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Celebration of Work


On Friday 26th March Nursery had our planting day. We learnt about the life cycle of plants and most importantly what plants need to grow. We enjoyed planting many different seeds including tomatoes, potatoes, lavender, beetroot, herbs, carrots, lettuce and spinach beet.

We planted our own cress seeds by placing cotton wool into a pot, followed by a splash of water and then finally sprinkling on the cress seeds. At the end of the day, we took our cress pots home.




Our topic this term is Superheroes! We have loved the story of “Superworm”. Nursery have been making pictures of Superworm, decorating masks, creating playdough characters and finding key words from the story in messy play.

In Phonics, Nursery has been focusing on rhyming words and alliteration. We have been emphasising the first sound in words for alliteration.

In Mathematics, we have been selecting activities we complete during daytime and night time. Sometimes we complete an activity during both times such as watching TV, having a bath and brushing teeth. This week we have been recording numbers through mark making lines. We have rolled a die and counted the dots, we have used our fingers to say a number, we have used body movements and we have also looked at objects in the environment. After this, we drew lines matching the number using chalks, pens and whiteboard pens.

We had an amazing PE day! On the field, we jumped and ducked under a very, very long rope. We made a circle and kicked a giant ball to each other – making sure it didn’t leave the circle! We had running races, jumped through hoops, picked up chairs as quickly as we could, and jumped as high as we could.



Nursery Dojo Reward

Nursery had a great time wearing pyjamas for our Dojo reward. We have achieved our target of 2000 Dojo points by making the right choices, doing good listening and good sitting, helping to tidy up and being kind to others. We watched Christmas films and enjoyed a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, yum! 




Christmas songs

Hello everybody and Merry Christmas! Nursery have worked really hard with singing Christmas songs and using Makaton signs.

Nursery have practised three songs…

  1. Father Christmas
  2. Look There’s a Baby
  3. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

We hope you enjoy the videos!

Father Christmas​ - Lyrics

Father Christmas, Father Christmas,
He got stuck, He got stuck,
Coming down the chimney,
Coming down the chimney,
What bad luck,
What bad luck.

Look There’s a Baby - Lyrics

Look, look, look there's a baby
Look, look, look there's a baby,
Look, look, here's a baby in the manger.

Oh, oh would you believe it,
Oh, oh would you believe it,
Oh, oh there’s a baby in the manger.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas​ - Lyrics

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.



Our story this week is, 'The Very Busy Spider'. 

We have looked at spiders and the other animals on a farm. We have talked about what farmers do and the products we get from farm animals such as milk, cheese and yoghurts. 

On the messy table we have made our own spider webs and spider pictures.

On the Mathematics table we have looked at two groups and decided which one had more spiders and which one had less spiders. 


We have also used pegs to attach spider legs. We counted how many legs a spider had - making sure we touched one peg at a time whilst saying the number name. 


Next week, we will be getting into the Christmas spirit! We will be making Christmas cards and salt dough decorations. There will also be Christmas jumper day and a Christmas party! Don't forget to watch our Christmas singing videos. Merry Christmas everyone! 



In Nursery we have looked at the story of, "Handa's Surprise". 

We have enjoyed looking at the animals and fruits in the story. Look at us role playing the story...


We have made our own stick puppets and created our own animal pictures using lots of different resources. We have matched pictures from the story together and talked about what we could see.

In Maths we have been learning about weight. Using our hands and balancing scales, we have compared two objects. We have said if the objects were heavy or light. Try finding heavy and light objects at home!

As a whole class we have talked about feeling happy and sad, and about the importance of being kind. We have talked about how we can be kind to others - sharing toys, asking if somebody would like to play, saying yes to a friend who asks to play, asking if somebody is ok, looking after each other and looking after toys. How are you kind at home? 



Welcome back to Term 2 Nursery.

This term we will be learning about different animals. 

The focus text book this week is called ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell.

In the story a child writes to a zoo for a pet. The zoo sends a series of unsuitable pets, revealed behind flaps in the form of crates and packing cases. These animals are all sent back for different reasons, except the last one, which is perfect! 

This story has helped us explore the names of different animals, the sounds they make, the way they move and where they live. We have looked at comparing size between two objects and saying if it is big or small. 


Inside Nursery we have a pet shop. We have enjoyed role playing as shopkeepers and customers. On the goods are price tags and we count how many dots there are to find out the price. 




Nursery have been learning about the story of Elmer, an elephant who looks different from his herd. On the creative table, we have made puppets and masks and designed our own Elmer elephants. We also got messy with colourful pasta and noodles.


On the Maths table, we have been looking at colours and counting animals and cubes.


Elmer by David McKee has strong and positive messages within an enjoyable and funny story. It is a great starting point to explore activities relating to diversity, multiculturalism, personal identity, individualism and friendship as well as colour and pattern.




We have been very independent with putting our coats and bags on our pegs, then getting out our planners and bottles. Well done Nursery! This week and next week our book is 'My Big Book of the Five Senses' and we have been using our senses to explore the environment around us. We have been on listening walks and used our senses to explore different textures, flavours and smells. As the weather this week has been a little bit wet we have also spent time outside jumping in puddles and having fun with the water. Please, make sure that you provide your child with the right clothes. Sometimes we get wet so please provide spare clothing.




Nursery children have settled well with coming into Nursery. They have been very brave and Mrs Nevis and I are both very proud of them all. They have been exploring activities inside Nursery and the outside area. We have been singing our welcome song and looking at our calendar and weather. We have enjoyed dancing in our, ‘wake up, shake up’ time and looking at the story of, ‘From Head to Toe’, by Eric Carle.