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Year 3

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Teacher: Ms Brough

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Celebration of Work

Year 3 have started to learn about fractions! The classes have spent a lesson on the field doing lots of fun practical activities. We are growing bean plants in science and measuring how much they grow, depending on what we feed them! We have been adding orange juice, salt water and fertiliser. The classes have made predictions about which plant they believe will grow the most, and why.


Year 3 have started a new topic in Science, plants. As a whole class we dissected a Daffodil and labelled its features, preparing the children for when they dissect their own plant in our next lesson. We are also caring for 4 class plants! In English, we have been focussing on a digital retelling of the story "Varmints". We have been using the speechless short film to create a powerful narrative retelling.


In Year 3 we have been focussing on the John Lewis Christmas advert, as we begin to develop our use of inverted commas and create a dialogue that may have occurred between Edgar and Ava! We also began to round off our Roman topic learning as we explored a range of different Roman artefacts and tried to determine their uses!


In Year 3 we are using our Roman shield designs from last term as we work together to create a model of a shield. Once the children have made their shield we will create an effective set of instructions in our English lessons. In our Broader Curriculum lessons we have begun to look at Julius Caesar and the effect he had on the Roman Empire.


In Year 3 we have started to look at different forms of Roman entertainment. Children have been looking at images of artefacts to encourage inquiry. The first form of entertainment we are focussing on is Chariot Racing, where the children are beginning to create their own commentary for a Roman Chariot Race!


In Year 3 we have been looking at mythical creatures that appear in Roman Myths. The children have created their own mythical beasts, piecing together parts of common animals. We will use these animals to inspire our character descriptions in English.


This week, Year 3 began to look at non-chronological reports in our English sessions. Children were able to independently research and gather information relevant to the Roman army, in order to create an informative piece of writing!