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Year 3

Green Class

Teacher: Mr Smith

Red Class

Teacher: Mrs LeCount

Curriculum Newsletter

Celebration of Work


This week Year 3 have begun to learn about money. To give the children a real life experience we went to Tesco to buy some Chinese food to accompany our topic learning.

The children were extremely sensible and were all able to buy products with limited support. They kept the receipts to examine in a maths lesson so they can see the maths that took place in the shop.

We are very proud of them all and we hope they can continue their learning with you at home.





Year 3 have been creating their own non-chronological reports about famous cities around the world! They became researchers for a few days, gathering information about their city that they could use in their extended piece of writing. In mathematics, we have been tackling multiplication and division, focusing on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables!



In French we have started to look at animals, and learning how to say their names! In Year 3 there has also been a push on Mathletics this week for the Challenge Week children were given an opportunity to do this in Computing to help boost their scores!



We have been learning about Poetry. The children have been focusing on their new topic, cities, and we are aiming to create a shape poem by the end of it.

The children have also been learning about different composers, looking at Vivaldi's 4 seasons. They are also learning to speak French!



Year 3 have been enjoying learning about how to write a short narrative. They have learned so many new skills and lots of children have wanted to carry on writing even at break time! For reading we have been using the songs from The Greatest Showman and unpicking what they mean. The children have enjoyed singing them first thing in the morning. 

Year 3 have been continuing their research in to the circus. Using a short clip, they have been developing their terminology and narrative writing skills in preparation to create their own short narrative about the Circus. The children have also been using role play to demonstrate how people may behave at the circus.



Year 3 have been tackling some difficult number problems. Using column addition and subtraction we have been adding and subtracting a 1 digit number from a 3 digit number! The children have worked really hard to understand the process of exchanging and are persevering with their work.

Year 3 have been learning how to improve their vocabulary by using thesauruses and dictionaries. They have been incorporating their new language into their circus descriptions. In maths they have been learning to add and subtract with 3 digit numbers and 1s, they have found using place value counters and grids useful in aiding their understanding.

They have also been learning how to speak Polish! The children that already can speak that language are enjoying teaching their friends and Teachers (although Mrs LeCount's pronunciation needs some work!).



Year 3 have been enjoying their circus topic and have written excellent newspaper articles about the escaped circus animals! They have all settled very well into Year 3.