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Year 2

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Class 2N

Teacher: Miss Newman

Class 2W

Teacher: Miss Walter

Class 2S

Teacher: Mr Smith

Topic Overview (Terms 3 & 4)
Topic Overview (Terms 1 & 2)
Meet the Teacher - Transition PowerPoint (11th September 2019)

Celebration of Work

Year 2 are fully engrossed into 'Our Wonderful World' topic. We have been writing our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood in English. In maths, we have worked hard to master fractions and have begun to look at telling the time. In Science, we have been looking at why exercise is important by monitoring our pulse. In Geography, we have learnt all about compass directions and have also plotted a route around school.


This week we welcome a new arrival to Year 2! During this Term we will be learning about all different animals and insects, including humans through our Science lessons. One of our tasks is to look after a pet for a week.


This is Gary. A Snail, a Giant African (albino) Snail and he has moved in to Year 2!

In other news, we have been using our imagination to create story endings within English lessons and strengthening both our Division and Multiplication knowledge in Maths lessons.


This week Year 2 had their Victorian Christmas Day! We learned about some of the Victorian traditions and were amazed at how we still follow them nowadays! We learned about: the origin of the Christmas tree, compared different gifts children received if they were  from poor or wealthy families and role played 'The Christmas Carol' with the help from a real life Victorian.


We have been reinforcing our money knowledge in Maths by: recognising different amounts, knowing the value of each coin and note, adding different amounts together AND finding change.

Linked to our Victorian Topic we have been transformed from students to reporters during English lessons and have: interviewed main characters, role played key events in a story, used a variety of different sentences (questions, commands, exclamations and statements) and have been using inverted commas.


Year 2 worked hard to write some fantastic recounts based on their Victorian Day! We have now moved onto writing a newspaper report based in the Victorian Times. In maths, we have mastered adding and subtracting using column method. We have started looking at money and recognising the different values coins and notes have. In topic, we have explored what a Victorian school would have been like and compared it to our school today.


Last week, Year 2 worked hard to write acrostic poems about autumn. We have now moved on to writing a letter to Queen Victoria as if we are either Biff, Chip or Kipper who are in our story 'Victorian Adventure'. In maths, we have started looking at addition and subtraction and are trying our hardest to use our number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as comparing number sentences. In topic, we have been looking at Victorian jobs and considered which job we would like to do if we were a child in the Victorian times.


This week we have been busy enjoying a wide variety of activities and learning.

In English: we have studied, followed and created our own instructions.

In Maths: with the help of our Part Whole knowledge we have been experimenting with creating inverse stories.

In Science: we researched the famous Charles Mackintosh and tested how waterproof Miss Walter's clothing was with the help of water balloons! Some of the clothing was more waterproof than others!



Year 2 have settled well into the new academic year!

This week Year 2 have been working hard to master counting forwards and backwards in different multiples as well as using the resources to understand place value in numbers.

In English, we have been exploring the class text, linked to our Topic for this Term. This has given us the opportunity to retell a story, discuss characters and settings and create some great descriptive sentences.

In PE we have begun learning the basic rules and skills needed to strengthen our throwing and catching capabilities.

During Topic lessons we are learning different aspects of the Victorian Era.