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Year 2

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Curriculum Newsletter

Celebration of Work

29/06/2018 - Year 2 have been extremely busy learning all about eating healthily. We have looked at what is a healthy diet and now understand what food is good and bad for us in science. In maths, we have been working hard to solve division problems with remainders as well as missing number problems. In English, we have been creating amazing descriptions for the chocolate room in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We've even learnt what the word delectable means and have been trying to include this in our writing.


08/06/2018 - Year 2 have started this terms topic of 'Food Glorious Food' by looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have found out who won Willy Wonka's golden tickets and are going to use this to write a newspaper report.  In maths, we have been practicing our problem solving skills using RUSAC to help us.  In topic, we have looked at Roald Dahl's life and the books he has wrote. 


11/05/2018 - Year 2 were lucky enough to go on a school trip to Kent Life. We had a great day meeting Samuel Pepys and Thomas Farriner as well as many of the animals including Daisy the Rabbit, in the picture below, who we got to stroke!

Our English lessons have been linked to this and we have been writing a recount. In maths we have mastered measures as well as time. We are also working very hard in science to understand why objects are made out of different materials. 


27/04/2018 - Year 2 have come back from the Easter holidays raring to go. We have started the term looking at where London is and what it looked like in the past. In English we have been writing a character description about Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell. In maths we have been persevering with telling the time.


16/03/2018 - Year 2 have begun to explore fractions. We learnt that fractions are equal parts of a whole. We learnt how important his was when we shared a cake into quarters and had to make sure we all had the same sized slice! We have also written our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood and look forward to sharing them with children in Early Years.


26/01/2018 - Year 2 have been investigating 2d and 3D shapes. We have learnt to identify features such as faces, edges and vertices and to use these features to sort the shapes into categories. In English, we have been learning to write a description and have begun to experiment with fronted adverbials. In the afternoons, we have continued to learn about dinosaurs, including creating a timeline of events and looking at the purpose of different dinosaur teeth.


12/01/2018 - Year 2 have had an excellent start to the term. We have began by looking at how we can write a report about a mystery egg that we found on the playground. We have also tried really hard at creating bar charts, pictograms and tally charts. We are also really excited to learn lots more things about dinosaurs this term!


8/12/2017 - Year 2 have been working extremely hard over the last two weeks to create a story. We had lots of fun being visited from characters to give us ideas of our own characters behaviour and looks. We have also been trying really hard to spell ‘because’ and in maths we have enjoyed trying to crack division problems by sharing equally!


24/11/2017 - This week Year 2 have been lucky enough to have a visit from 'Games on Wheels'. We had great fun playing computer games as well as learning some new games we can play at home and at school. We will be writing a recount about the day in our writing. We have also been working really hard to learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


13/10/2017 - This week year 2 have been working hard to create a fact file all about our favourite superheroes. The children have enjoyed learning about superheroes they didn't know and then writing amazing sentences about them. In maths, we had fun with Pacman learning about more than and less than. We have also been looking at what it means to be kind and how we can all be supportive and friendly to others.


29/09/2017 - Year 2 have written a fantastic set of instructions of how to be a Super Hero. We have also been adding and subtracting and using these skills to solve problems. We have also turned ourselves into super heroes in art and have talked about keeping ourselves safe on the computers and when online.


15/09/2017 - Year 2 have enjoyed making a mess with 'dirty' washing up bowls. We squeezed slippery spaghetti and blew big bubbles. We are looking forward to using this experience as a foundation for a fantastically disgusting description.