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Year 2

Green Class

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Curriculum Newsletter

Celebration of Work


This term, Year 2 are looking at inventors and their inventions. We have already looked at the Life of Leonardo da Vinci and how even though he was a famous painter, he designed many things we use and see today. We have been looking at measurement and position and direction in maths. In science, we have undertaken a range of investigations including how to prevent an ice cube from melting as well as what happens if we add washing up liquid to milk and food colouring. We are looking forward to designing our own inventions later in the term!



Last week, Year 2 enjoyed writing a character description about Traction Man as well as creating a set of instructions for a healthy meal for a super agent. This week we have started reading Supertato and have enjoyed creating our very own fruit and vegetable villians for the story. In Maths, we have been practising our problem solving skills as well as looking at how to measure temperature and capacity. In Science, we have also enjoyed making a Fabulous Fruit Salad that looked very appetising. Well done Year 2!



This week Year 2 have been to Bedgebury Pinetum to end of our Fantasy Forest topic, we had a great time! We created map-sticks and found our way back home! Children also had a special delivery and have begun their Super Agent Training.



What a lot has been going on over the last few weeks!

We have had so much fun writing our own versions of Jack and the beanstalk. Our own beans, which we have been growing for Science are really beginning to shoot up, not to mention all of the interesting things some of us have grown for our projects. The classrooms are beginning to feel like our own fantasy forests. We have also been weather reporters and created our own imaginary worlds. We can't wait to see what the next couple of weeks bring.




Year 2 have been working hard to write a description about a safari. We have looked at how we can use expanded noun phrases, prepositions and similes. In maths we have persevered with drawing and interpreting pictograms. 

This week the children have also had the chance to share their home learning projects with the rest of their class. All of the teachers are really impressed with them. Well done year 2!



This week year 2 have been working hard to master multiplication and division. We have learnt new strategies including grouping and arrays. In English, we have been focusing on writing a letter as if we were Sunny from Meerkat Mail. The children enjoyed hot seating each other pretending to be a meerkat. In topic, we have been developing our knowledge of the 7 continents and 5 oceans as well as looking at the countries and cities in the United Kingdom.



Year 2 have been working very hard on their writing this week. They have written some amazing recounts of their trip last week as well as doing some Maths assessments. We also had our Home Learning Project presentation afternoon. There were just so many amazing projects.




Year 2 have been working hard in maths to master recognising coins, adding and subtracting money and making different amounts. In English, we have just finished writing an information text about a sea creature and are beginning to think about what we might include in our recounts about our trip. In topic and science, we are enjoying learning about pirates and where sea creatures live.



This week, Year 2 have been working hard to master acrostic poems. We have had a go at writing one for either a pumpkin, carrot or orange and we are excited to show these in the harvest festival.

We are also trying hard to write an acrostic poem about something in space using alliteration and similes. In maths, we have enjoyed learning how to use column addition and are now able to use it to find the answer to number sentences.



Year 2 have been working hard to master place value and addition and subtraction. We are able to recognise how many tens and ones are in a number and are beginning to use this to help us add and subtract. We are also in the middle of writing a diary entry of an astronaut and have had great fun finding out how astronauts live in space in our topic and science lessons. We have also had a go at pretending to be an astronaut by wearing a space helmet!



Year Two have settled in well and are proving themselves to be a wonderful group of children who are enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.

This term we are learning about space and famous space explorers. The children are also beginning to work on stories linked to space in English and in Music we have been listening to music linked to Space such as parts of Holst's The Planet suite.

In Maths, we have been learning about place value in numbers up to 100 and their Maths homework has been set on Mathletics to support this area.

We are all looking forward to working with your children over the coming year and anticipate sharing their successes with you. Please support them by ensuring that they read regularly and have access to Mathletics as much as possible. Should you have any problems with this please contact your child's class teacher to see how we can support you further to support them.