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Year 4

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Curriculum Newsletter

Year 4 Projects for Term 5

Celebration of Work


Last Thursday, Year 4 visited Maidstone Museum to find out more about the different industries of Maidstone.  The children really enjoyed themselves and were beautifully behaved.  We're looking forward to our trip to the Town Hall.

Year 4 have now written up their descriptions of Narnia, the literary strategies and vocabulary that the children are now using are really impressive.  Over the next few days we are going to delve into a different type of book called Voices in the Park.

In Maths, we are moving on from statistics and graphs to angles where they will explore the different angles around them.  Please continue to work with your child to tell the time as this is something they need to be secure in.



Year 4 have been enjoying finding out more about their home town in their topic Mighty Maidstone.  The children have been finding out about Maidstone's coat of arms and what it symbolises, exploring old pictures and maps of the areas the children live in as well as discovering more about the history behind Maidstone zoo.   In their learning of languages, the children have been practicing their French and have been finding out about how Maidstone is twinned with Beauvais in France.

In English we have been reading The Loin, The Witch and The Wardrobe and the class have been writing letters in character - they have loved learning about evacuation during WW2.  We are now beginning to write a setting description of Narnia using a range of literary techniques. 

In Maths we have finished looking at time and are now moving onto statistics where children will learn to interpret and compare different types of graphs including line graphs.  Please continue to question your children on time as this is a skill that the children need to continually practise. 



Year 4 have created some fantastic new chapters for How To Train Your Dragon which all left the reader wanting to read more. As the term comes to an end we will be pulling together our learning of Vikings as we write a non-chronological report.  

In maths we have now begun our learning of money, we have been looking at making different amounts and at rounding.  Please can you support your children in their learning of money.



Year 4 are continuing their topic of Traders and Raiders and are really enjoying reading How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.  In English, we are just about to start planning our own chapter for the book as well as introducing a new character!

In Maths, we have recapped decimals and will continue to explore them further as we look at comparing, ordering and rounding decimals. We are still working hard on our multiplication and are using the ICT room to support our learning of our timetables.



Year 4 have enjoyed being immersed into the world of Grendel, the monster from Beowulf, and have thought carefully about all aspects of the character ready to write a character description at the beginning of next week. There have been some fantastic discussions and ideas which have resulted in the children discovering some amazing new vocabulary.

In maths, we have continued our work on fractions, including working with improper fractions and mixed numbers, we will continue this into next week where we will look closer at the addition and subtraction of fractions and calculating fractions of a quantity.  

The children have also been impressing me with the improvement in their multiplication recall skills which we test regularly - well done year 4!

World book day was a great day in year 4 where we all were able to spend time enjoying our favourite books and, along with the rest of South Borough school, we explored The Last Stop on Market Street.  We had fun inferring various characters personalities and backgrounds and writing speech for them.  It was great to see the children in their costumes!



Year 4 received an urgent e-mail asking for help in catching a yeti which was bothering a remote Himalayan village. The children had fun acting out different possibilities of how they might catch such a beast and have been writing up some fantastic instructions on how to do this. 

In maths, the children completed their learning on area and will be moving onto fractions after half term. Please continue to help your children learn their times tables to 12 as this will help them with their fraction work.

After half term, Year 4 will be starting their new topic Traders and Raiders where we will delve back into history to Britain’s early invaders and settlers, the Saxons and Vikings.



Year 4 are enjoying their new topic 'Mountains'.  We have already discovered some of the different mountain ranges across the world and how these appear on a map. We have spent time researching Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb to the top of Everest, and have created a biography of his life.

In maths we have now worked through our multiplication to twelve and are moving onto formal written methods to help us multiply larger numbers.  Our knowledge of multiplication is becoming more important now and so we are undertaking timed challenges several times a week.  Please continue to help your child with their multiplication as it really benefits them in class.



In English, Year 4 have finished writing their persuasive letters, the children worked really hard on these and the results were fantastic.  We are now looking at a range of poetry and features and we are starting to draft our own Haiku poems based on Edward's adventures.  In science we will be using our new knowledge of poetry to create our own shape poem based around our topic light.

In maths we are looking closely at multiplication and especially our six times table.  As the year progresses we will be spending more time on multiplication, so please support the children in learning their timetables up to 12.



Year 4 have been hearing about Edward Tulane's latest adventure as he spends time with Lawrence and Nellie.  We have been looking closely at the text to understand how the author has highlighted the differences between the the Tulane household and the fisherman's home and how Edward is developing as a character.  This will help us to create a persuasive letter from Edward to Pellegrina.

In maths we have started multiplication and have been using place value grids to help us really understand multiplying and dividing by ten and 100.

We have being learning about Christopher Columbus as well as the first pilgrims who travelled to America on the Mayflower. Next week we will be looking at the Native Americans, their tribes, customs and history.



Year 4 have begun their topic Road Trip USA and have been discovering which countries make up the continent of North America. We are now looking closely at different states in America with a view to creating a fact-file on some of these.  

The class have been enjoying reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and examining the text to discover the characters and the relationship between Abilene and Edward.  Having looked closely at the features of a journalist article we are now writing our own journalistic article which reports Abilene's loss of Edward as he is thrown overboard!

In maths, we have been looking at perimeter before next week moving onto multiplication and division, please help the children become confident with their 6, 7 and 9 timetables.



Year 4 have been busy researching a variety of non-fiction information sources to collect as many facts as possible about ancient Greece.  The children will then be using their findings to create a non-chronological report detailing the aspects they found most interesting.  The children's knowledge of ancient Greece really shone through when we looked closely at the importance of pottery and how this helps archaeologists understand more about the day-to-day life of ancient Greeks.

In maths we have been working on column addition and have had fun using our learning to solve problems in the playground.



Continuing with our topic Gods and Mortals and having explored different Greek Myths, year 4 have been creating a description about our own mythical creatures using a range of figurative devices. We have looked closely at the Olympic Games and made our own information leaflet. In maths we have continued to work on place value and have even been enjoying the last of the summer sun as we took our learning outside to create chalk number lines. We have now moved on to our 6 times table and practice these daily in school.



Year 4 have been exploring ancient and modern Greece through their topic Gods and Mortals. We have been looking at The Trojan Horse and have written a dairy as if we were a soldier inside the Wooden Horse. In Maths we have been working on place value as well as practicing our timetables, beginning at 3 and moving onto 4s - we will be moving through the multiplication tables each week!