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Year 4

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Yr 3 and 4 Project Afternoon

29/06/2018 - In Science year 4 have been learning about the Environment, Ecology and Evolution. We learnt about how the peppered moth evolved from black to white, and had great fun making our own coloured moths to hide outside.




08/06/2018 - Year 4 had a fantastic time on Outdoor Learning Day. We started with a nature scavenger hunt, followed by a performance of our Kensuke’s Kingdom play script in the playground. In the afternoon, we used all the natural items we had sourced on our nature walk to make dream catchers and string art ornaments. We loved Outdoor Learning Day.






11/05/2018 - Year 4 are continuing to work with great enthusiasm. We have been using our brand new class text – Kensuke’s Kingdom to inspire our writing, and have begun to write a play script. We have had great fun outside, reading a variety of play scripts aloud, to prepare us for what we need to include when writing our own.

Our Topic this term is The Romans, and we had a fantastic Roman workshop in school.  The organiser ensured that the children became members of the Roman army, with highlights including the children marching into "battle" in the playground, where the adults threw bean bags at them as they formed various shapes with their shields. We also enjoyed interactive storytelling of Caesar's landing and Claudius' invasion of Britain; and Boudicca's revolt. The session was fabulous, fast paced, and included lots of humour!




12/01/2018 - Year 4 have returned rested and eager to learn after the Christmas holidays. We have been using our class text – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to inspire some fantastic writing. We have received a letter from the children’s mother after they were evacuated to the country, and have been writing a very moving reply to her. We are really enjoying the story, and are eager to read more about what happens to the children when they go into the wardrobe.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions. This week we have been finding families of equivalent fractions. Our times table knowledge has been extremely useful when undertaking our calculations.                                                                                                                       

Our Topic this term is Mountains and Fieldwork. This week we have been learning a little about some of the more well known mountain ranges.


8/12/2017 - Year 4 are continuing their hard work. In English we have been learning about road safety. This links with National Road Safety Week, which we been learning about in school. We have written a persuasive text, detailing the importance of being safe on our roads.

In Maths we have continued to develop our skills in solving word problems involving multiplication. We had fun undertaking a scaling activity to help Mrs Watts calculate the ingredients needed to make cakes.

In Art we have produced fabulous mythical creature collages to complement our Ancient Greek Topic learning. We are also looking forward to presenting our Ancient Greece Home Learning Projects to our parents next week.


24/11/2017 - Year 4 are continuing to work creatively and exceptionally hard. In English we have produced a fantastic character description, based on the creation of our own mythical creature. This fits well with our Topic – Ancient Greece, and has also produced some amazing art work from the children to complement their creature.

In Maths we are learning to use the written method of multiplication to support our increasingly challenging calculations. We are also developing our skills in solving word problems involving multiplication.

In Science we are continuing with our Electricity topic. This week we have been investigating alternative power sources; discussing how the dynamo hand torch works, and the inspirational Sockett ball, which stores energy when kicked, which can then be used later as a source of electricity. We decided this would be very useful in environments where there is an inefficient electricity supply. 

In PE we are focussing on Fitness. We have devised our own individual fitness plan, which we have been using each week, timing ourselves undertaking each activity, to see whether our fitness is increasing.


Year 4 Home Learning Project


13/10/2017 - Year 4 are continuing to work extremely hard. In English we have been writing a set of instructions. Firstly, we had a paper aeroplane making competition, where we had to write instructions on how to make one. We then used our PE lesson to understand the rules of football, then used our writing skills to produce a concise set of instructions detailing how to play the sport.

In Maths, we have been continuing to solve problems using addition and subtraction.  We learnt a 'Subtraction Poem', which has been helpful during some tricky calculations.

We are very excited about our Ancient Greek trip, especially the opportunity to dress up, and have been learning about the Athenians and the Spartans to prepare ourselves. We also re-enacted the Battle of Marathon on the playground, which was great fun.




29/09/2017 - We are working hard in Year 4. In English we have been developing our descriptive writing skills. We have continued to focus on using a variety of sentence starters to ensure our writing shows sophistication, and have written a character from our class reading book – Stig of the Dump.

In Maths, we have been using addition and subtraction to solve problems. We have been learning how to exchange.

Our topic this term is Ancient Greeks, and we have been using our Art lessons to produce some impressive Greek art. We are also looking forward to our Class Trip to The Museum of Kent Life for a Greek Day in a few weeks.


15/09/2017 - Year 4 have made a fantastic start to the new year. We have been working very hard in our English lessons. We have written a powerful description, using a deserted beach scene as our inspiration, and have been trying really hard to use a variety of sentence starters.

In Maths we have been developing our place value knowledge, to help us build a sound base for all our number work throughout Year 4.

We are enjoying our P.E lessons, where we are developing our ball skills. So far we have been concentrating on throwing and catching.


We are also excited to begin our new topic – Ancient Greece.