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Year 4

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Topic Overview (Terms 3 & 4)
Topic Overview (Terms 1 & 2)
Projects (Terms 3 & 4)
Projects (Terms 1 & 2)
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Celebration of Work

In year 4, the children have just finished writing their poems where they used their 5 senses to create amazing poems about the rainforest. We are now moving onto writing a narrative, where we will be looking at the text Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In maths, the children have now completed a unit on area and are now starting to look at fractions. We will begin by focusing on what fractions are and will soon move onto finding equivalent fractions through using a range of manipulatives. As always, please support your children at home with their multiplication.

Topic this term has started with looking at the importance of chocolate to the Maya. The children enjoyed tasting hot chocolate. This was using cocoa powder and hot water – just the way the Mayas liked it!


Year 4 have now finished their persuasive letters and are moving onto some poetry. So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at poetic devices and reading some poems aloud to the class. We will continue with poetry next term, where we will be writing a poem to describe a rainforest.

We are now coming to an end to our multiplication and division unit, which all children have worked exceptionally hard in. Our next focus will be on the area of shapes. Please continue to support your children with multiplication at home!

Following our Maya topic, Year 4 have designed a maya mask, explaining the tools they are going to use as well as its purpose. We have enjoyed looking at the geographical features of Mexico as well as the Mayan Hierarchy, where the children each played a different role!


Year 4 began their topic by looking closely at The Mayan Creation story and spent their first afternoon making clay people just like the Mayan Gods.  In English, the children are writing a diary entry as if they were a Mayan God and are having fun trying to include humour into their writing.  

The children have begun to look at the varied Geography of the huge country of Mexico and will continue to explore this over the coming days and will present the information they find to others in the class.

In Maths, the children have now moved onto the formal written methods of multiplication and are now going to start to tackle complex calculations.  As ever, please support your children in the learning of their multiplication to 12 as this really does benefit them in the classroom.


Year 4 have been exploring different language techniques including personification and similes as they create a powerful description of a mythical beast. Our next piece of writing will focus on instructional writing as we decide how to trap a mythical beast and write our own instructions on how to do this.

In Maths, we have now finished our unit on addition and subtraction and are beginning to look at measurement including kilometers and perimeter. We are focusing on our nine times table and so please continue to support your children in learning their multiplication.

In Science, the children have been enjoying our new topic 'electricity' and have been making basic circuits as well as exploring conductors and insulators.  


Year 4 have written some fantastic biographies about Mary Seacole. Continuing with our topic, we are now looking closely at Roman Myths and mythical creatures.

In maths, the children have finished looking at adding and subtracting two 4-digit numbers, with the next steps focusing on being efficient in our methods and estimating. We have been practicing our 8 times tables, focussing on how to recall them fluently. Please continue in supporting your children with their times tables at home.

Our topic this term is still focusing on the Romans. So far, we have looked at Roman education and how it is different to our education.


In year 4, the children are finishing writing their own diary entry which links with the book The Journey of Iliona. In their diary entries, the children are writing about a normal day in the life of Iliona, linking to our topic of the Romans.

In Maths, the children are starting a new topic this week, where they are looking at addition and subtraction. They are beginning to look at how to add and subtract 4-digit numbers. The children have also been recapping their 4 times tables in lessons, focussing on being able to recall them fluently.  Please continue in supporting your children with their time tables at home.

In music, the children are enjoying learning the recorder.


Year 4 have now finished their play scripts, the children worked hard and their interpretations of the myth Romulus and Remus were great to read.  We are now looking at The Journal of Iliona by Richard Platt, where we will experience the Roman period through the eyes of a young girl called Iliona.  We will be using Iliona's diary entries to help us create our own using all the features of a diary including using a range of fronted adverbials.

In maths, we are continuing with place value to ensure that we are all fully confident with our numbers to 10,000 including minus numbers.  The children have continued to work on their 6 times tables and the speed that the children are beginning to be to recall their tables is fantastic.  Please continue to support your children in learning their tables as this will help them in all areas of maths.

During our PE lessons, we are continuing to be supported by Chelsea football club where the children are enjoying a range of multi skill activities alongside our Roman dance lessons.


Year 4 had a busy start to the year learning about and making Roman shields.  The children then went onto the playground and had great fun practising shield formations in order to protect themselves!

In our English, the children have been reading the Roman myth Romulus and Remus as well as exploring play-scripts so that next week they can start to change the myth into a play-script.  Afterwards, we will spend time acting out their playscripts.

In our Maths, we have been working on our place value and rounding as well as practising our 3 times tables.  The children are quickly becoming fluent and so next week we will be moving onto our 6 times tables.  Please continue to support your children in learning their multiplication.