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Year 5

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Curriculum Newsletter

Home Learning Letter Term 4

Celebration of Work


In year 5 this week we have finished off our descriptions of our wintery scene, which has seen us produce some excellent work including relative clauses, figurative language and some very high level vocabulary. We have begun to look at writing newspaper articles towards the end of the week - we will be writing one about an earthquake.

In Maths, we have continued to work on fractions. We very successfully tackled multiplying fractions and we have now moved onto the challenge of finding fractions of an amount.



This week year 5 have started to look at fractions in maths. This has seen us recap some of what we looked at in Year 4 before moving on to some more difficult concepts - we have started very well! We finished our work on division and multiplication last week but we will be going over it again throughout the year to make sure that the concepts are secure and to correct any misconceptions.

In English, we have started writing our own short narratives about a volcanic eruption. So far, we have created our maps and decided where are characters are going and now we are looking at describing the volcanic eruption before returning to write the rest of our stories.



Year 5 have been writing an information text in English all about volcanoes. We have discovered some amazing facts, such as: The loudest sound ever recorded was the eruption of Mount Krakatoa in 1883, which was heard all the way in Australia!

In maths we have been working hard to tackle multiplication and division problems. Although we found some of the questions difficult to start, we persevered and now we are really starting to get to grips with it.

At the end of last term, we went to Maidstone Museum to learn more about World War 2 and evacuees. We got to see lots of artefacts and we learned all about rationing and the sort of things people were allowed to take with them.





Year 5 have been learning about multiples and factors in maths this week and starting to better understand prime, square and cube numbers. In English, we have started reading our new text, Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, and we have begun writing a suspenseful narrative.

In music, we are starting to get more used to the ukulele and in languages we have begun learning French - the children have been quick to pick up a few phrases!



Year 5 have been looking at problem solving and reasoning in maths before moving on to statistics, where we have started to look at reading and interpreting line graphs. We have also collected data in PE based on our heart rate after exercise, which we will use to create our own line graphs.

In English, we are finishing our recounts, where we have showed off our ability to changed between the past and present tense. We will be finishing this term with a character description. Science has seen us delve further into the complexities of light - we are looking at reflection this week and amazing inventions that have been made utilising it.



Year 5 have moved onto addition in maths, moving on to 4 digit column addition, including problem solving and reasoning tasks. In English, we have start to write a recount based on the short film 'Soar' and have tried our hands at acting out the emotions of this.

This week in Science, we will be learning more about reflections - using different light sources and mirrors to be understand this sometimes confusing concept.



Year 5 have begun our year in maths by focussing on the place value of numbers up to one million and ordering and rounding numbers. In English, we have been describing our battlefields and working on our use of figurative language. Science has seen us delve into the topic of Light - looking at luminous/reflective objects and having fun with a plasma ball.