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Year 5

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Curriculum Newsletter

Celebration of Work

13/07/2018 - Year 5 have had an excellent week this week, finishing their descriptions of an abandoned garden, getting to grips with cricket and having a very successful trip to Horton Kirby Environmental Centre.

On our trip, we searched for nature in lots of different habitats, including: ponds, rivers and meadows. We found a huge variety of species, with Sharon even managing to find a Water Scorpion (one hadn’t been seen in over two years!). We had a fantastic time wading in the river to look for things and our scientific thinking and attitude to learning was so impressive that Mrs Oakley received an e-mail praising us for our enthusiasm, engagement and politeness.





29/06/2018 - Year 5 have been describing an abandoned garden in English, working on our use of figurative language and use of high-level punctuation (such as semi-colons). This has naturally led to some rather creepy gardens for some of the class that like to include suspense in their writing. They have worked very hard to produce sophisticated vocabulary by finding natural materials around the playground to help think of ideas.

In maths we have continued to work on prime numbers and calculating areas and perimeters of shapes, whilst consolidating our knowledge of the four operations. Science has seen us continue to research evolution and the environment and our topic has seen us learning more about climate change and the affect it has on our planet.


27/04/2018 - Year 5 have been tackling angles in maths this week, looking at estimating angles and using angles to describe turns. We will be starting to use protractors next week to accurately measure angles.

In English we have been creating some fantastic poems all about storms, using a range of excellent figurative language and different rhyming patterns. We will be typing them up and decorating them in our next lesson.

Science has seen us delve into evolution and animal and plant adaptations. We have come up with some fantastic questions so far and next week we will be carrying out our own experiments to help us better understand the process of natural selection.


27/03/18 - Year 5 have been enjoying their ukulele lessons. We've been working on different types of strumming and this afternoon we put together a performance of 'It's raining, it's pouring', using three different strumming techniques.


16/03/2018 - Year 5 have been working hard on tackling fractions, decimals and percentages in maths, including converting them and tackling word problems that involve them. Although we found this a bit tricky to start with, we persevered and we are now feeling confident with them.

In English we have been finishing our stories, after creating our own islands for them to be set on. Our stories have included dialogue to develop characters and to advance our plots. We have produced some very creative ideas and we are looking forward to reading our creations to year 1 when we are finished!


09/02/2018 - In year five we have moved on to decimals in maths, looking at converting fractions to decimals and working towards converting them in to percentages. We have also been working on mastering bar model in maths, which has been difficult to start with but we are starting to get the hang of.

In science we experimented with solutes and solvents, including using a smoke machine to discuss changes of state. PE has seen us adapt King Ball to improve it and make it more challenging, we think we are onto a winner with our new rules!


12/01/2018 - In Year 5, we have been looking at finding, identifying and writing equivalent fractions in maths, which we have been doing extremely well at. In English, we have been finishing off our suspenseful writing and starting to look at recounts and their key features.

In science we have started our new topic looking at Geology. We have already come up with some fantastic questions that we want to find out the answer to, such as: how are volcanoes formed and how are fossils formed.


8/12/2017 - Year 5 have been learning all about how to read line-graphs in maths and now we are moving onto reading timetables, which we are finding a bit tricky! We are confident that we will successfully tackle this before the end of term though.  In English we have started writing a piece of suspense, but we can’t tell you any more about that yet…

We tried our hand at solving in puzzles this week, working with our teams to figure out how to work our way through different mazes based on how successful previous attempts had been.


24/11/2017 - Year 5 have been working on their problem solving skills in maths, picking out key information and figuring out how to solve some very tricky calculations. In English we have been researching Wolves with a view to writing up a report all about them.

In science we have been walking in the footsteps of famous scientists, re-visiting their experiments to see if we find the same things and come to the same conclusions. Topic has seen us finding out all about propaganda and the ways in which it was employed during the first and second world wars.



10/11/2017 - In Year 5 we have been working hard on mastering long multiplication before moving onto division. We found it difficult to start with but it is all starting to come together now! In English we have been thinking how we would escape from the clutches of a cat if we were a small creature and writing instructions about it.

We are continuing to learn more about electricity in science and we are delving deeper into the causes and effects of World War II in our topic lessons.


13/10/2017 - Year 5 have been learning to round to estimate answers in maths this week, as well as moving onto addition and subtraction of decimals. In English we have been using figurative language to describe our dragons and we have also started to learn the Ukulele in Music.

In PE we have been trying to think of different ways of creating and adapting aerobic exercises. We have enjoyed coming up with ways to challenge our classmates.


29/09/2017 - Year 5 have been continuing to create our newspaper report about the declaration of World War 2, which we will be writing up very soon, in English and we have moved on to addition in maths. The pupils have all done very well at getting to grips with addition with 5 and some 6 digits numbers and some have even managed some particularly challenging questions set by Mr Capp!

In science we have been carrying out experiments looking at static electricity by seeing if hair colour made a difference to how much confetti a balloon would pick up.  The balloons have also featured in PE where the pupils have been showing off their ability to think of creative ways to get them around the hall whilst adhering to some very stringent rules!


15/09/2017 - In Year 5, we are currently improving our knowledge of place value in maths in a number of ways, including using manipulatives. We are working on describing a post-apocalyptic scene in English and we have been learning all about electricity in science.

The class is settling in really well with year 5 expectations.

We are working hard to make sure that we learn our spellings and achieve our mathletics targets.