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Year 5

Class Teacher: Mrs Paterson

Topic Overview (Terms 1 & 2)
Projects (Terms 1 & 2)
Meet the Teacher - Transition PowerPoint (10th September 2019)

Celebration of Work

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been doing assessments and preparing to write a 'nightmare before Christmas; story. I am sure they will tell you all about it. 

We would also like to thank you for all your support that has gone into their home learning projects. Unfortunately, we do not have time to have a project afternoon due to all the Christmas activities which will be going on in the next week, so we are adding some of the powerpoints which will give you an idea of what the children have been learning about. 

Merry Christmas!

PowerPoint 1
PowerPoint 2
PowerPoint 3


This week Year 5 had lots of fun learning how to use a bow and arrows. We are not sure we would have been able to catch our food if we were living in Prehistoric times, but most of us at least managed to hit the target.

We have also been learning about the planets and their distance from the sun and how they orbit around the sun, as well as writing biographies about famous Space pioneers and explorers.


Year 5 have finished their learning on the Stone Age with a report about Skara Brae.

We are now learning about the Bronze and the Iron Age as well as looking at Earth and Space for Science. 

We have also had a lot of new books delivered to the class so please can you share them regularly with your child as they were able to choose the books they wanted for our book area and are keen to begin reading them.


As we come to the end of our first term together, the children are showing that they have settled well and seem to be enjoying the learning which we are undertaking in Year 5. This past couple of weeks have seen us learning about electrical series circuits as well as continuing to learn about the Stone Age. We have also performed a poem - Fruit Picking by Jack Oulsbey - for the Harvest Festival.

We will be moving onto the Bronze and Iron ages shortly after half term and next week we will also have a science day, RE day and a topic day too. The topic day will be all about the Arts and Crafts of the Stone Age and we look forward to sharing the pictures and art work that is produced in the next bulletin. Please can the children bring in an old shirt for the last day of term as the Topic day may well get messy!

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of weeks to share with you in the meantime. Have a great half term break.




The children in Year 5 are really settling into the year well now and we have written some amazing recounts of our recent trip. We have also been working on Science as well as enjoying a number of different workshops such as music and sewing.


The children have settled well as they begin their learning journey in Year 5. They are enjoying the work on Stone Age and in particular the book which we are reading as a class - Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. We were able to find out more about the main character's life while we were on our trip with Badger Bushcraft where we learnt to build shelters, make fires and practised our spear throwing.