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Year 6

A Poem to Year 6

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Class Teacher: Mrs Watts

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Meet the Teacher - Transition PowerPoint (10th September 2019)

Celebration of Work


In Year 6 we have been writing a christmas based narrative based on The Longest Journey - a tale of a snowman searching for the perfect gift for his love. The children enjoyed the accompanying video and have used some incredibly poetic vocabulary in their writing.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions - particularly multiplication and division - to help us in our problem solving.

In our PE lessons we have been using games to increase our team work skills as well as improving our fitness levels. 



This week in Year 6 we have been writing an alternative Prologue, based on the novel, The Nowhere Emporium. To support our writing we have also produced some amazing artwork to support our writing - focusing on unusual artefacts and 'wonders'. 

Continuing with our Stone Age theme, we greatly enjoyed our Archery Workshop. We were taught how to use a bow and arrow and the afternoon culminated in an archery competition 

In Science we have been learning about the planets: how they orbit and their distance from the sun. We made some fantastic replica models to show our learning.  



Year 6 have produced some fantastic writing linked to Black History Month - the diary entries they wrote as a child coming to the UK from the Caribbean were extremely moving and showed the children's real connection with the subject.

In Science we have begun our learning out Earth and Space. This week we have learned about the relative sizes of the Moon, Earth and Sun.

We are really enjoying our brand new books; some of which are so popular we have set up a waiting list!  Many of us have been writing book reviews to help others choose to read the books we have enjoyed. 


Year 6 have been linking their learning during Black History Month with their art lessons. They have created abstract portraits in acrylic paint inspired by Jamaican artist, Bulsby Duncan.




This week Year 6 have been continuing their research on The Stone Age. They are writing a non-chronological report, detailing life from the Palaeolithic (early Stone Age) right through to the Iron Age. 

In Art the children have been using modroc to create replica Stone Age skulls and bones - lots of mess but great fun! We have also been enjoying our Science lessons, where we have been recognising symbols in order to build our own electrical circuits. 


Year 6 have returned to school refreshed and enthusiastic. Our topic this term is The Stone Age and we have begun reading Wolf Brother to compliment our learning. We are writing a setting description, using fantastic vocabulary to describe the forest where Torak and his father live.

In maths we are refining our place value skills; in PE we are enjoying our multi-skills lessons with Chelsea Football Club. This week we have been learning rugby skills.