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Year 6

Class Teacher: Mrs Watts


Curriculum Newsletter

Celebration of Work


Year 6 have been reading a selection of World War I poems in preparation for writing our own. Their use of emotive language is impressive and the poems that the children have produced have brought a tear to our eyes! We have taken the opportunity to listen to each child recite their poem to complete the piece of writing. Well Done Year 6.

In Maths we have been learning to convert fractions to decimals and equivalents. Some of us have memorized some of the more popular equivalents, and are now working on decimal equivalents such as 2/9 and 4/8.  

In Science we have been continuing to learn about light. We have produced a shadow poem and have begun learning about the colours of the spectrum contained within light - using Isaac Newton's work to support our learning.



Year 6 are continuing with their hard work this term. We have begun our new topic on World War I, and have started reading War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo to support our writing. We have learned about the suffragette movement, especially Emily Wilding Davison, the famous suffragette who died on Derby Day under the hooves of the king's horse. We wrote both a newspaper report and a biography on Wilding, and have discussed the suffragette cause in detail. 

In Maths we are developing our knowledge of fractions. We have begun by revising factors, multiples etc. to ensure all our times tables skills are honed, ready for fractions.

In Music we have been learning a song by Maz O'Connor, linked to Emily Davison.



Ruby has used her amazing creative skills at home using 'felting' - she made a mother and baby robin. Well done Ruby.


As part of their preparation for life beyond primary school, the children in Year 6 are learning about the importance of budgeting. With this in mind, we are planning a series of events throughout the year to raise money towards an end of year treat.

The first will be a Cake Sale, which will be held outside our classroom, after school on Wednesday 17th October. Year 6 would love you to buy some of their cakes. Any contributions on the day or beforehand would, as always, be very gratefully received.



Year 6 are working extremely hard. We are continuing to enjoy our class text, Wild Boy, and have based a written narrative on life on the streets of Victorian Britain. We are aware of the use of engaging vocabulary and ambitious punctuation in all of our writing. 

In Maths we are revising all four operations; paying particular attention to the area of long multiplication and, more recently, long division, which is proving challenging for some of us!  

In Music we have been learning the strings of a guitar - EADGBE - using a catchy phrase to help us remember the order of the strings. This week we have enjoyed learning how to play the E minor chord. 



Year 6 have returned this term, full of enthusiasm and vigour for learning; ready for the year ahead. In English, we have been writing a description based on our new class novel, Wild Boy. Our topic this term is Victorian Britain, so our writing is complementing the vocabulary of the era.

In maths we are continuing to secure the children’s understanding of place value. We are working with numbers up to 10,000,000; ordering, comparing and determining value.

We have begun our Topic lessons learning about the work of Dr. Thomas Barnardo and his work setting up the 'ragged schools'. This learning will help us in our Home Learning Project and our Victorian Day planned for later this term.